Nigerian Policemen Accused Of Kidnapping Businessman, Extorting Over N29million From Him In Abuja | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Some operatives of the Nigeria Police Force have been accused of kidnapping a businessman in Abuja, the country’s capital city and extorting the sum of N29,900,000 from him.

An X user made this known while sharing the receipts of the money paid to the police officer.

In a video seen by SaharaReporters, it was alleged that the businessman was kidnapped at one of his sites in Abuja by the police officers who were armed and continued to detain him until he transferred all the money in his bank account to them.

They thereafter insisted he should call all his relatives and friends to keep sending money before he could be freed.

It was alleged that the man was taken away from his site without any proper complaint against him and he was not asked to write a formal statement by the Police Officers.

A narrator in the video said, “I posted about the case of N29,900,000 police extortion in Abuja, Nigeria.  Alright, I don’t know how to call it, whether it is police robbery, kidnapping or police extortion. But this is beyond extortion. This is criminal act and this is kidnapping and they collected from this young man is called ransom. All right, this young man was driving yesterday going to his site because he has a building project in Abuja here and he was stopped by some police officers who were dressed in black with Ak-47 seven rifle magazines and they took him away.

“So they took him round Abuja, took him round because some cases we have witnessed before before, that’s how they always operate. Took him to an unknown destination. Like he told me yesterday and at a point he was scared. Where were they taking him to?

“So they started checking his phone, they saw his account balance,  they saw his wallet and everything, and they told him to send all the money in his account to an account number they provided, they gave him two account numbers. One is Access Bank and one is Moniepoint. The man transferred all the money he has in his account and now started calling his friends, who were sending him three million, one million.

“In Abuja currently, you have heard about kidnapping cases, robbery cases and nobody knows who are these people operating like this. Now this act of these police officers; how do you describe it? Is in the robbery? Is it kidnapping or is it professional or work like carried out by them? Remember, no complaint was made against this young man. No statement was taken.

“You only forced him to make your video like other cases will be handling for years, they will force you to make a video to for you to indict yourself that you are either a fraudster or you are involved in cultism, you are involved in ritual, or you are member of IPOB, these are the trends from the cases we have handled for the past 9 years. This has been the trend of these rogue police officers.”

Reacting to these claims, the Nigerian Police Force Spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi said the force had commenced investigation into the matter.

“We have taken over this case at the FHQ.  The victims and Harrison came to my office on Friday, and we have commenced the investigation into the case. Justice must be served,” the force spokesperson wrote on X.


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