Opinion: The Strength of Abia PDP in Perspective by Dr Chris Nwagboso | #NwokeukwuMascot


 Theorizing Party Politics: Abia PDP in Perspective by Dr Chris Nwagboso, PhD. | #NwokeukwuMascot 

 Dr Chris Nwagboso., PhD.

PDP is still very strong in Abia State. Anyone who really understands the unending intrigues in Party Politics will not underestimate the capacity of Abia PDP in 2027.

As a die hard PDP Member in Abia State, I appeal to all members to remain in PDP. Let's do issue-based Politics and remain constructive as we have been. A good party man/woman does not jump from one party to the other. Such aberrant political behaviour raises critical questions on one's integrity.

It's pertinent to note that mistakes were made and great lessons have been learnt. Thus, many people were ill-treated prior to 2023 election. In the same political party and political family, some members were fighting personal, selfish and parochial wars against some of us in the same party/political family with them. Such foolish behaviours adversely impacted on political cohesion, solidarity and also whittled down our chances in 2023 election.

Those whose actions and body languages destroyed our chances in 2023 election are known and should not be the front- liners on issues regarding strategies to resuscitate our great party in Abia State ahead of 2027. They destroyed PDP due largely to their glaring selfishness and stupendous power intoxication. Political in-fighting within a political system has always left undesirable footprints, which are not allowed to be repeated by rational minds in every human society.

I, therefore, commend the gallantry exhibited by PDP Governorship Candidate in the 2023 Election, Chief Okey Ahiwe. He is a man and also fought as a Political Lion 🦁. PDP wouldn't have canvassed for a better Flag-bearer. He is still a credible candidate any Political Party can think of. I congratulate him and advise him to look forward, as tomorrow is greater than today.

Moreso, I strongly advise PDP members across the State to remain resolute and watchful. The State- Crafts are not controlled by us at the moment, but this situation is not forever. Thus, we must note that "the Moon that comes out in a particular month, is exactly the one that shines in that month.

However, that very moon doesn't shine forever. Its imperative to note that the controllers of the current Statecraft in the State do not want you to be part of them. Hence, you should avoid steps and decisions that will rubbish your integrity. Therefore, I advise that you remain in PDP. Please look for minor activities that can keep you busy in the main time, as our great Party strategises for triumphal and promising outing in 2027.

Please note that navigating trouble waters requires cooperative action, selfless agenda-setting and fierce strategic framework.

Chris Nwagboso, PhD.

Umuehim Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa South LGA,

Abia State  



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