Celebrity Aba Tailor Ugomdi Ogbonna, Friends Gift New House to Helpless Old Woman in Abia(Photos) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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In a moving Facebook post, Aba's renowned tailor, Ugomdi Ogbonna, recounted how a project that began in 2023 was sparked by a post from Nkasiobi Chuks, shedding light on the dire living conditions of an elderly woman in Abia.

Inspired by the images of the crumbling mud house, the Aba Fashion Week Crooner, Ugomdi, swiftly connected with kasiobi, prompted by his wife's encouragement to lend a helping hand. Captioned "SAVED TO SAVE SOULS, Ugomdi shared the collaborative effort with friends and associates, kickstarting the initiative with a generous donation of one hundred thousand naira and 50 bags of


Through a series of heartfelt gestures and contributions, including support from individuals like Chief Ahuchaogu Uche Sampson, Dr Christian Kamalu, and others, the project progressed. Despite facing challenges and a heartbreaking loss along the way, the dedication to improving the elderly woman's living situation prevailed.

Mr Ugomdi’s story in full: “Sometime in June 2023, Nkasiobi Chuks made a Facebook post about a Widow who lives in a death Trap mud house. A dilapidated mud house that was almost falling. Someone tagged me on that very post and I couldn’t help but reach out to Nkasiobi to see how we can build a decent house for this old widow who has never lived in a block house. I quickly consulted my wife and pleaded with her to support me in this project cos I can barely take such decision without her approval. My wife asked me if I have enough resources to embark on this project and I told her that God will build the house and not me. She gave me her full approval and support as always. 

“First step, I decided to make a post about it on my timeline. Chief Ahuchaogu Uche Sampson my good friend threw in his support with 50 bags of cement. Shortly after that, Dr George Chidozie reached out to me with the Sum of 100k. A friend of mine Mr Okeychi Samuel also sent 20k to me. Another lady sent 10k to me but I can’t remember her Name. Shockingly, my Facebook friend turned my Oga Precious Ife Rowland demanded for my account details and wired 200k instantly. Angel Stanley John also gave us 2 bags of Cement. 

“While we were preparing to lay the foundation of the building, My Friend turned brother Ug Lockky Manasseh a seasoned Architect called and said he saw my post concerning the widow’s house project. He told me he was going to do the Architectural plan of the house and supervision without collecting dime. He mobilized his boys from Uyo, camped them in Ndiolumbe till they finished their part of the project. 

“The block was was completed and we were planning how to roof the house. One beautiful morning, I got a call from my Inlaw Dr Christian Kamalu asking me to drop my account details. After few seconds, I got an alert of 500k from Dr Kamalu and he told me it was his support to the Widow’s house project. Hewuuuu this God is too good oooo, I couldn’t hold back my tears. 

“THE SAD PART: My plan was to complete this project within 3 Months cos we demolished the Existing mud while we got a temporary accommodation for Mama in the same compound. Mama’s first Daughter left her husband’s village and relocated to Ndiolumbe just to live with her aged helpless Mother. She was taking care of mama as if mama was a new born baby. Mama’s neatness made me like her daughter more as she took it upon herself to make sure mama slays even in the mud house. While the project was going on, I noticed that Mama’s daughter was looking sick but was always pretending to be fine.

“Each time I ask her what was wrong with her, why she coughs too hard, why her feet was swelling up. She would always tell me not to worry that it’s just a minor health challenge. Mama’s Daughter was dying but she didn’t want me to shoulder the burden of both the House project and her health same time. It was no longer making sense to me doing a house project for someone who’s daughter was dying, ignoring her illness and invest in the building. I decided to reach out to Dr Chidinma Ubani who directed me to a renowned Cardiologist in the State. I paused the house project for months to save Mama Daughter’s life but she couldn’t make it. May her soul Rest In Peace. 

“Nevertheless, I am glad we could do this! I am glad we obeyed God’s instructions!! I am glad Mama has finally moved into her dream house. 

“Special thanks to; Nkasiobi Chuks for identifying Mama’s utmost need. Chukwu gozie gi. Thank you Chief Sampson Ahuchaogu! You are known for this type of act. God bless you sir. Dr George Chidozie Imelaaa. Chukwu gozie gi Oga mu.

“Okeychi Samuel thank you Nwannem. God bless My Oga Precious Ife Roland, you are blessed beyond measures. Heaven will keep smiling on you. Thank you to the lady that sent 10k. We are grateful. God bless you nnem. 

“Dr Christian Kamalu, onyenwem gozie gi papa umu afrika. You are loved beyond boarders. Greater exploits Sir. To my friend and brother Ug Lockky Manasseh, you know I love you bro! Thanks a million times. God bless you. 

“Thank you My Pastors! Pastor Ken Ujor and Pastor Linus Nnakwu Chinaza, My Angel Sonia Nonyerem Ugomdi-Ogbonna, Thank you for everything, my beautiful wife. Always remember, We are only saved to save souls.” He ended

Ugomdi's journey reflects a profound commitment to compassion and community, culminating in the fulfillment of a dream as the elderly woman finally moved into her new home. The story is a testament to the power of collective kindness and the impact it can have in transforming lives.


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