"Make sure you wear perfume before coming to church. So we can know the particular demon we are casting out." — Prophet Odumeje warns members | #NwokeukwuMascot



Controversial Prophet, Odumeje, has once again made headlines with his latest bizarre request to his followers.

In a recent sermon, the self-proclaimed prophet urged his members to wear perfume before coming to his church so that he can identify the specific demon he is casting out.

His words: “Make sure you wear perfume before you come here so we can know the particular demon we are casting out. 

"I can’t be casting out your demon and you’ll be smelling like a he-goat,” Odumeje said during his sermon.

This statement has sparked outrage among many who view it as a disrespectful and insensitive comment towards those seeking spiritual guidance. 

Some have criticized Odumeje for placing importance on superficial matters such as scent rather than focusing on the spiritual well-being of his followers.

Despite the backlash, Odumeje remains unapologetic and continues to attract a large following with his controversial methods and extravagant displays of wealth.

Known for his flamboyant style and dramatic exorcisms, Odumeje has gained a reputation for his unorthodox approach to healing and deliverance.

It remains to be seen how his latest comments will impact his popularity and reputation within the religious community. But one thing is for certain, Odumeje’s eccentric behavior shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


  1. Perfume doesn’t mask ordor he should insist on anti perspirant or deodorant. Most Nigerians don’t wear either of those making them smell like he goat like he said. Go to banking halls and crowded places and you can’t breath. Instead of buying perfume buy deodorant .


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