Meet African American Man of Igbo Descent, Jordan Williams, Who Is Revealing The Mystical Links Between Nsibidi, Igbo Cosmology | #NwokeukwuMascot


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In this age and time, where many of our gifted ancestors are returning to defend and reinstitute our cultures, traditions, and spirituality, Jordan Williams’s gifts and depth in the knowledge of Nsibidi have stood out. At a very young age, his achievements in the transcription and explanation of Igbo spirituality as embedded in many Nsibidi scripts have been monumental, and above all magical.

The Nsibiri (Nshi biri) language is one of the most ancient language scripts of the world, belonging to the Ibibio, Ekoi, and Igbo people of the Kwa language family – all members of the ancient ‘People of the Sun’ – The people of Median Biafra (the middle of the Earth). 

The Nsibidi script just like many other scripts of the ancient Igbo has been lost or forgotten by the present-day Igbo, due to the effects of colonialism, imperialism, and over 100 years of enterprise of ‘missionizing the Igbo.’ 

So, it gives us great joy to share in the works of our brother Jordan Williams, who Agwu has blessed Is Ora with the potent mind to develop the Nsibidi language script into one that can now be easily understood and assimilated into the modern educational systems of the Igbo, Ibibio, Ekoi peoples, and the world at large.

He is Jordan Williams, an African American man of Afro-Cuban and Creole Descent born and raised in the Gulf South region of Texas. In a discussion with him, he stated that he has always had a deep fascination with language and culture, particularly in the way they intersect and intertwine. He is passionate about linguistics, natural language processing, and cultural anthropology, with a specific focus on the ritual and expressive use of ideographic systems.

Growing up, Jordan Williams was exposed to a rich tapestry of languages and cultures in his community, which sparked his interest in linguistic and cultural anthropology. He said that he had always been fascinated by the way language and culture shape our understanding of the world and each other, particularly in the form of symbols and code.


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