This Photo of Waterside Bridge packs the history of this junction, shows the legacies of past Government led by Dr Ikpeazu | #NwokeukwuMascot


This picture speaks volume: It packs the history of this junction, shows the legacies of past Governments by Dom Nik | #NwokeukwuMascot

 Photo by Model TV 

Please, walk with me.

At the top left, is the iconic Enyimba Hotel. This Hotel was built between 1981 to 1983 by the Mbakwe Administration. All the works have been completed awaiting furniture fittings and landscaping before Dee Mbakwe was removed and Ike Nwachukwu took over as Military Admistrator under the Buhari/Idiagbon Junta.

Lower down the Picture is the Total Filling Station located at Number 1 Omoba Road. As at 1980, that was the only filling station in the whole of Ogborhill! To Opobo junction on the west and obikabia junction on the south.

On the left of that petrol station stands one of the oldest storey Building in Ogborhill. There lived Onwubiko, Onwubiko was the owner of the slaughter in Udele Market and the "Oga Father" of most butchers in that market.

The lush green grass in front of the fuel station that beautified the picture is the signature of Okezie Ikpeazu's Government thru APUMA.  I remembered when APUMA was dropping manure along streets to create this. Yes, we complained. They also cleared the road side traders that disfigured this area. It appears their vision turned out well.

By the Right side of Total Filling Station is Omoba Road. Omoba Road snaked and merged with Pepple's Road, until the construction of those bridges over Aba River along Ikot Ekpene Road. Omoba Road was built in 1963/64 by Chief  Ururuka who was Works Commissioner under Micheal Okpara's Eastern Region Government. Omoba Road was later resurfaced by Hariwe Egege around 1982, who was Aba Local Government Chairman under Dee Mbakwe. In 2023 Dr Alex Otti's Government rehabilitated Omoba Road. 

On the Right side of the picture is Aba River. The River has suffered pollution for a long time. Romances were consumated along the banks of this River in those "Good old days" The worse pollution was the effect of the slaughter house and also Nigeria Breweries. With the removal of the slaughter House by Okezie Ikpeazu's Administration, the river appears to be regenerating. Those rotten smell around the River has cleared.


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