Abia PDP Embraces Self-Cleansing: A New Chapter Begins | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Abia PDP Is Undergoing Self Cleansing by JOK | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Let those who wish to leave PDP in Abia State hasten up to enable us execute full rebuilding and rebranding as quickly as possible. Summon the courage to do what you consider to be in your best interest as nobody has the right to decide for you and nobody should condemn you for seeking to protect your personal interest, whatever that is and by whatever means. 

If all those the other side used to call “feeding bottle politicians” voluntarily exit PDP because all the feeding bottles in the state are now in one mouth the rest of us who don’t like feeding bottles are staying to rebuild this party with young and vibrant people at the heart of delivering power back to the people of Abia State. 

Honestly, the ongoing self cleansing is long overdue and whatever or whoever instigated it can only be doing the work of God. Let us end the era of putting round pegs in square holes while also alienating the youth base of our dear party in the name of protecting the narrow interests of “stakeholders” aka “ndi apata ukwu”. 

All the stakes must now be held by the faithfuls who are willing to publicly and privately do the heavy lifting for the good of our party and people. Not the same old cunning hawks waiting in the wings to return, after the house is rebuilt by young Nehemiahs, with their usual Jack and Jill tales of how the party was founded in their kitchen. Obviously they have finished eating whatever they cooked in those days and should now step aside for the new breed to prepare food for all Abians to eat and prosper together.

We surely appreciate their past service and thank them immensely. 

Hopefully, those exiting will not come back to claim ownership of the foundation after we have done the rebranding work necessary to deliver better outcomes to the people of the state. O kwa maka mpiawa ishi by umu boys. 

Those who are not led by their stomach should prepare to work hard for the tough phase of the process while those who can’t endure hunger or loss of power feel free to wave bye bye to us in PDP. Many men of good conscience are still standing strong. 

 John Okiyi Kalu 

Young Abians, this is your opportunity to entrench and conquer. Be ready to impose your will from ward level to State when the time for congres is announced.. It is now your party to build and to lead as the spirit of good governance leads. Fear no man because we have all paid our dues, without exception. 

Most importantly, we dey here in PDP and we are many!!!

If you are ready please join us to steadfastly execute the rebuilding task. But if you can’t endure hunger and/or loss of power please feel free to look for available “RSVP” locations. Na dem spoil party and na dem first leave party, wetin concern the boys?

-Nwandugbom JOK is still in the wilderness reading John 13:27



  1. That is the truth who want to go or revamp should better do it fast as possible. So that we can rebuild and rebrand our party PDP to hub the better interest of the young people and Abia State . . Thank you Nwandugbom. From Him Prince Chilaka

  2. We have seen PDP during their time, now we are seeing LP and it's their own time. The decision for the next governor is I'm the hands of Abians. We know what we want and we have seeing their differences. We vote for individuals not party. You revamp or you reshape, Abians have the decision to make not what you saying. Unless otherwise which has been tackle


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