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 Dr Alex Chioma Otti 

On Tuesday, the rehabilitation of the 11.5km Nunya-Eluama Road, Isiukwuato, is set to begin. However, there are concerns regarding the potential transfer of funds to another individual close to the governor, without disclosing the cost involved.

However, It has become a pattern in Abia for unfamiliar companies, possibly owned by Gov Otti’s acquaintances, to be awarded road rehabilitation projects, Mr Eke O Ako  a public speaker and advocate for good governance said the project will be presented to the public as "CONSTRUCTION OF 11.5KM NUNYA-ELUAMA ROAD" for political gain.

Mr Eke in the write up captioned; “ABIANS TO WITNESS ANOTHER POTENTIAL TRANSFER OF FUNDS TO A CRONY ON TUESDAY” partly said “As anticipated, the cost of the rehabilitation project appears to have been decided in the governor's country home, where he reportedly spends exorbitant amounts on meals and drinks daily.”

The opinion post he posted on his verified Facebook page reads in full; “On Tuesday, Abia's Chief Autocrat will be kicking off the REHABILITATION  of 11.5km Nunya-Eluama Road, Isiukwuato,  to another of his cronies, at an unknown cost.

Alex Otti Campaign Manifesto

“As usual, another strange company such as Craneburg, or GELD, probably owned by his friend will be handed the road rehabilitation project, which will be sold to the world as 'CONSTRUCTION OF 11.5KM NUNYA-ELUAMA ROAD', just to buy political mileage.

“As his custom is, his subjects  - Abians, will not deserve to be told HOW MUCH of the funds borrowed on behalf of them, that the autocrat will be handing out the road to his friends. Despite all the numerous promises of transparency,  Governor Alex Chioma Otti still runs one of the worst governments in Africa today in terms of transparency and accountability. He has reneged fully on all his campaign promises.

“As expected,  the cost of the rehabilitation project must have been decided in his country home, which serves as his office, where he spends over N3m daily on meals and drinks, while he starves Abia retirees like my mum who earns N13,500, and senior civil servants (Grade 9), who he pays N45k monthly in the civil service, while claiming to be cutting cost in the media.

“For the records, Nunya-Eluama Road was built between 2005 and 2009 by my former Company - Hapel Nigeria Ltd, owned by Late Chief Emmanuel Nwokoro, of Arochukwu LGA. The contract was awarded by Dr Orji Uzor Kalu and later completed under Chief TA Orji's regime. 

“The road which is to be awarded on Tuesday is an existing road project, which is due for rehabilitation.  My good friend, Engr Henry Akinlolu Akinyeye, was the Engineer that built that road, while we worked for Hapel. The key questions Abians are not asking are:

“WHY DOES Gov Alex C. Otti not announce the cost of projects in a democracy despite his numerous pledges to run a fully transparent government?

“Why does he not follow any democratic process in choosing contractors?

“Do Abians not understand that it is their right to be told how much these projects cost them? 

“Can't Abians learn that their hardship today is mostly caused by Buhari's reckless borrowing which is not different from what Governor Otti is doing?

“Abia's debt profile is growing at an astronomical rate. Only God can save Abians! THE TIME TO ASK QUESTIONS IS NOW” he ended.


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