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….Decampment: Give Yourself Dignity Always by John Okiyi Kalu | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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In the Nigerian environment, cross carpeting or what we popularly describe as decampment from one political party to another is seen as normal and even celebrated by some for whatever reason. At the current stage of our democratic experience, I personally see nothing wrong with moving from party A to B if done decently and in a manner that does not cast doubts on your person and personality. 

It is a matter of personal choice to decide who to pitch political tent with at any point in time but how you do that speaks volume about who you are. 

There are many reasons one may decide to decamp and it is by far better to leave than hide inside to betray and destroy a political party. Moreover, if you have ever betrayed a political party at critical times, it is better to leave and join those you aided and abetted because the curse of betrayal is such that nothing good will ever come to you after you have betrayed. 

Ask Judas Iscariot for lesson notes if in doubt. 

Imagine these scenarios:

1. A man married a woman for 20 years, had children with her and then appears in court to say he is divorcing his wife because her mouth or something has been smelling since they got married and he can’t cope again. 

That must be a sick mad man.

2. Two friends robbed a bank and the one who got the higher share joins another robbery gang and says it is because his friend was a robber.

You will soon rob your new gang and rat on them.

3.  A son whose father gave 80% of his properties disowns his father for giving 20% of his properties to his remaining 3 children and goes about telling people his father is evil. 

I understand the self-imposed pressure of political decampees to outdo themselves to prove to their new friends that they are no longer with the other party but I question the extent some go in validating their choice and how they imagine their new friends look at them. I also know that not everyone can endure hunger or lack for long and people do all sorts to satisfy a craving or hunger. 

Yet, it is a settled fact that a betrayer is a BETRAYER but betrayal is not same as moving on or making new choice. 

When you decide to move to another political party you can do so quietly without exposing yourself to disdain from those you left and the people you are joining.  Nobody likes a betrayer but everyone can use a betrayer same way the Jews used Judas Iscariot and when he came back to return the money they gave him they simply asked him to “get out". 

I’ve seen leaders relate with betrayers and genuine decampees. While they are ready to attend social events like child dedication and funeral ceremonies with rancorous decampees or betrayers, they don’t allow them come close to where critical issues are being discussed. In fact, when a betrayer accidentally stumbles upon such meetings they hail him loudly then change topic immediately.  Whereas they show willingness to integrate the calm decampee and even trust him because they see character in him

I do not think that our society will take a man who was in a party for many years, occupied offices and made progress under that party if he returns to preach a message of “all those in that party were evil, and as the only good man I decided to come and join good people like you”.  Most likely they will clap for you in public then go home to warn their children not to be like you. 

If we embark on a journey as a team and succeed we all should share the glory. But if we fail, only a weakling in character will go everywhere to say it is not his fault because others were evil hence they overshadowed him. When did you discover others were evil sir? When you were enjoying patronage of all sides or when we failed and hunger/oblivion stared you in the face? 

Funny enough the same man demonizing his former party will in the same breath celebrate what he accomplished under the evil umbrella.  How does that work? You did good things with evil men?

Give yourself some dignity, please. 

Whoever will not accept you without using you for dirty jobs against your former friends does not deserve you. Obviously, such a person never came to meet you to join him, instead you went to the person to beg so that  crumbs from his table will be given you under the condition of becoming a dog or nothing. 

It hurts me when people I hitherto respected turn themselves to “political dogs” in order to survive within a new political environment. It doesn’t speak well of them or the value their new party places on them. If your new friends will not accept you unless you eat your vomit like a dog why don’t you explore other options? A man without dignity, even if he has pot belly, is really not to be respected or called upon when real men are invited for a meeting. 

Most importantly, respect your days of humble beginning when it took some to be denied benefits just for you to rise. Without the grooming and leverage you received from your former party I guess you know where you will be in life today.

-Nwandugbom JOK


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