Opinion Report: The Risks and Rewards of Engaging in Illicit Activities By Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma | #NwokeukwuMascot


...The Risks and Rewards of Engaging in Illicit Activities By G.S. Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma | #NwokeukwuMascot

  Mr Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma  

In today's society, there is a prevalent misconception that engaging in illicit activities, such as scamming or fraudulent schemes, can lead to quick and easy wealth. It is often believed that clients will readily pay exorbitant amounts, such as 200 million or even 150 million, without batting an eye. However, the reality is far from this illusion.

Mr. Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma, a media practitioner, analyst, activist, and cybersecurity expert, stated on his Facebook page that engaging in illicit activities may appear tempting due to the lure of seemingly easy money.. However, it is important to recognize the inherent risks involved in such endeavors. These risks are so significant that they can prevent individuals from enjoying the fruits of their ill-gotten gains. For instance, if the rewards were truly attainable without consequences, why would one still be unable to afford luxury items like a GLK? It becomes clear that the risks associated with these activities outweigh any potential benefits.

Mr Nwaokeoma Highlighted the risks involved can range from legal consequences to personal and moral dilemmas. Engaging in fraudulent activities not only puts individuals at risk of facing criminal charges and imprisonment, but it also tarnishes their reputation and integrity. Furthermore, the constant fear of being caught and the guilt associated with deceiving others can take a toll on one's mental and emotional well-being.

The Abia-born cybersecurity expert further explained how crucial it is for individuals, especially young people to resist the pressure to engage in illicit activities driven by external factors. Many of us feel the weight of societal expectations and the desire to acquire wealth quickly. However, succumbing to this pressure is not the answer. Instead, we should focus on finding legitimate ways to cope with financial challenges and strive for success through honest means.

The statement captioned, “There's nothing like Yahoo, no client will pay you 200 million or even 150 million with his or her clear eyes,” explains, While the path may be arduous, it is important to remember that hard work and perseverance pay off in the long run. Success achieved through legitimate means brings genuine satisfaction and lasting rewards. By surrounding ourselves with the right people and engaging in ethical practices, we can pave the way to victory and prosperity.

Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma's post reads in full; “ It sounds like easy money, but many of us don't want to engage in that type of activity because of the risks involved.

“The risks involved are too high. If not, why can't I afford a GLK? It's just a contact and code, and everywhere go stew!

“Some of us are feeling pressured and are trying to cope with it.But one day, our struggle will pay off, because there is time for everything!

“Just engage yourself with the right people, and you will see yourself becoming victorious, G S Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma JP.” it ends.

In conclusion, the notion that engaging in illicit activities can lead to easy wealth is a fallacy. The risks involved in such endeavors are too high, ranging from legal consequences to personal turmoil. It is essential to resist the pressure and strive for success through ethical means. By doing so, we can build a future that is both financially rewarding and morally fulfilling.


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