The Political Dilemma of Hon. Jerry Uzosike: Inconsistency and Double Standards | #NwokeukwuMascot


…My Worry For Hon. Jerry Uzosike by Enyinnaya Appolos | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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With due respect, Hon. Jerry Uzosike, I think you should refrain from sounding like a broken record. Channel your energy towards fighting for your integration into your new political planform-Labour Party. Apart from your visit to Gov Otti in Umuehim, I am yet to hear that LP in your ward, LGA, or State have welcomed you and the Ogechi Foundation as part of them. What if they reject you?

You had a choice. You have a right. You've made your choice and exercised your right, by leaving the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and joining Labour Party. You don't need to explain any further on this.

However, I have worries for you, even though I do not pity you. 

There is a text message circulating on various WhatsApp platforms. The text was purportedly authored by you. The said text contains your real reasons for dumping PDP for LP, contrary to what you earlier stated as your reason.

In the text message that you purportedly wrote to a PDP leader in Abia state, you accused the immediate past Governor of the state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu of killing PDP, hence you and another left the party. 

Here is my worry for you. 

You and another individual decided to leave PDP for APC ahead of 2027. While you were making plans for your public defection to APC, you abandoned your partner, and abruptly made a political detour, to LP without informing your supposed  partner-in-defection.

Hon. Jerry, does this not portray you as an inconsistent and double-standard player? 

My worry for you again is that having gone to LP and pledged your 100 percent loyalty to Governor Otti and LP,  yet in the purported text, you also pledged your loyalty to a major PDP leader and his political influence. 

“ So Your Excellency Daddy  ,I have decided to join Labour Party in other to pursue my political aspirations, This is bcos , I cannot guarantee my interest to be protected in APC or PDP. However my love for …… is eternal and I will show this to Mr Speaker when the time comes. Thank u for whom you are to me and your love. I am grateful”

Haba, Hon. Jerry!!!

Are you not being unnecessarily desperate? How can you pledge 100 percent loyalty to Gov Alex Otti and LP in the open, and come behind to pledge loyalty to a PDP leader whose interest will never align with that of Otti? Don't you think you are already ruining your chances and trust in Otti and LP? I am just worried for you.

Hon. Jerry, you are not fair to yourself by dragging Dr. Ikpeazu into your political mishap. PDP gave you a ticket in 2019 and Dr. Ikpeazu ensured you came to the House after you failed in 2015. By 2023, Dr. Ikpeazu and PDP gave you a ticket again to return to the house. And there is the Ogechi  Foundation to ensure your victory. So what happened? 

Assuming without conceding that Dr. Ikpeazu killed the PDP, did he also kill the PDP in your state constituency, where the Ogechi Foundation is more popular than the PDP? What about 12 others who won seats in the state house of assembly courtesy of PDP and under Dr. Ikpeazu?

Well, the PDP members and candidates that rigged and wrote results for another party against Chief Okey Ahiwe and the PDP, can now line up to take their flowers. Their bargain has backfired and for those who were guyed by LP guymen in their constituency they should weep no more. Karma has come!!

Some of them didn't know that after writing results against Chief Okey Ahiwe and the PDP, the party they wrote results for, went behind to change their own results. Hence the PDP lost both house and governorship elections. The fact that the PDP is the majority party in the Abia State House of Assembly today, means that popular PDP candidates won their elections.

Meanwhile, you preferred to take money instead of the official Hilux vehicle that the House bought for members. Sir, it was your choice. You wanted the money instead of the vehicle. So, don't come here to tell us you took money instead of the vehicle to make it sound like you did anyone a favor. In the records of the House, you were given Hilux like your colleagues. What you did with the money is your business. 

In any case, you are not the only PDP member who has left the party. But I must give it to you that you left publicly and in the day. Some of your co-travelers left in the dead of the night. Unlike you who visited Otti and took pictures, some visited him and never wanted the public to know. Some who never worked for Otti and LP, but immediately after the election, they went to Otti at night begging to be appointed as commissioner, unfortunately, they were humiliated by Otti. 

Some of them are trying to beat a retreat back to the PDP. Politics will never cease to be a game of personal selfish interest, where politicians pretend to be fighting for the public interest whereas it is about them only. 

So Hon. Jerry, if you ask me, I will say you should stop your social media explanations and carry your cross. You still have a lot of work to do. Your  new party men are grumbling loudly.

The feeding bottle is  in one man’s mouth. Now people like you who, according to Governor Otti, fed fat from the feeding bottle while in the PDP are coming to deny them the opportunity to have the feeding bottle in their mouth. Since you have access to the holder of the feeding bottle, intercede on behalf of your new party members. They're complaining and dying in silence. 

This is my worry for you, Hon. Jerry Uzosike.


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