Abia Airport Challenge: Unveiling the Lies and Propaganda of the Alex Otti Led Abia State Government | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Unveiling the Lies and Propaganda of the Alex Otti Led Abia State Government by Ikechukwu Iroha | #NwokeukwuMascot 

 Dr Alex Chioma Otti 

In the span of just one year, the Alex Otti led Abia state government has been marred by a series of deceitful tactics, misinformation, and blatant propaganda. These actions, aimed at misleading the public and obscuring the truth, have raised serious concerns among citizens regarding the integrity and transparency of the administration. Let's delve into some of the egregious falsehoods propagated by the Otti administration:

1. The sack of over 5000 Abia workers:

The claim of discovering 5000 ghost workers in the Abia civil service, followed by the failure to provide any tangible evidence when challenged, exposes a gross lack of accountability. Instead of addressing the issue transparently, genuine workers were unjustly sacked, further exacerbating the already precarious employment situation.

2.) Denial of Geometric Power Investment:

Commissioners of the Otti administration boldly asserted that the previous government did not invest in Geometric Power, despite overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise. Their persistent lies, spread across various media platforms, only serve to undermine public trust. The promised committee to investigate this matter has yet to materialize, leaving citizens in the dark.

3.) Pension Arrears Deception:

Despite pensioners confirming receipt of only a fraction of the owed arrears, the Otti administration shamelessly insisted that 9 years of pension arrears were settled. This deliberate distortion of facts, coupled with attempts to discredit the pensioners' accounts, showcases a callous disregard for the welfare of retirees.

4.) Budgetary Misrepresentation:

Attempting to explain away a purported typographical error of ₦1.5 billion in the budget is yet another example of the Otti administration's lack of transparency. By concealing the true cost of projects and resorting to misleading excuses, they further erode public confidence in their governance.

5.) Evasion of Accountability:

The refusal to disclose the details and costs of projects, coupled with the fabrication of court orders to justify questionable actions, highlights a pattern of evasiveness and deceit within the Otti administration. Citizens rightfully demand transparency and accountability in the allocation and execution of public funds.

6.) Contradictory Actions:

Otti's contradictory statements regarding the management of local government funds, coupled with his disregard for established procedures in appointing Transition Chairmen, further underscore his administration's duplicitous nature. While questioning the lack of open bidding for contracts, he clandestinely awards projects to cronies without oversight.

7.) Lack of Project Accountability:

The ongoing controversy surrounding the ₦10 billion Airport Project epitomizes the administration's opacity regarding project contracts and expenditures. Failure to disclose the identities of contractors and payment vouchers only fuels suspicions of corruption and mismanagement. As Abians, we want to know who got the contracts and didn't handle the projects.. Until that report is published, every other accusation whether from USA or Ethiopia amounts to nonsense..

In conclusion, the Alex Otti led Abia state government's track record of lies and propaganda is a disheartening reflection of its disregard for truth, accountability, and the welfare of its citizens. Upholding transparency and integrity must be the cornerstone of any responsible administration, and it's imperative for the people of Abia to demand honesty and accountability from their leaders.


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