Breaking News: Pastor who vowed to raise the dead announces that the prayer has been completed, now awaits response from heaven after visiting FMC Morgue. (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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This morning, a shocking incident unfolded at the Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia as Pastor Stephen Ojichukwu, accompanied by his prayer warriors, made a controversial visit to the morgue. The pastor, who had previously vowed to raise a deceased woman back to life, claimed that all the necessary prayers had been performed and he was now awaiting a response from heaven.

The visit to the mortuary by Pastor Stephen Ojichukwu and his prayer warriors attracted a significant amount of attention and controversy. Many were skeptical of the pastor's claims, while others were curious to witness the outcome of this extraordinary event.

Pastor Stephen Ojichukwu, known for his fervent faith and charismatic preaching, had made headlines earlier this week when he publicly declared his intentions to bring a deceased woman back to life. His supporters believed in his spiritual abilities, while skeptics questioned the feasibility of such a miracle.

Pastor Stephen’s words were, “We’ve gone there, we have prayed for the woman and we await response from heaven.”

As news of the pastor's visit to the mortuary spread, curious onlookers and members of the media gathered outside the Federal Medical Centre, eager to witness the unfolding events. The atmosphere was tense as people awaited a response from heaven, as claimed by the pastor.

The hospital administration, initially taken aback by the unusual request, allowed Pastor Stephen Ojichukwu and his prayer warriors to enter the mortuary premises. However, they made it clear that medical professionals would oversee the proceedings to ensure the safety and dignity of the deceased.

While the outcome of Pastor Stephen Ojichukwu's mission remains uncertain, this incident has ignited a nationwide debate on the role of faith and miracles in modern society. Some argue that it is a test of faith, while others express concerns about the potential exploitation of vulnerable individuals and the ethical implications of such claims.

The Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia has assured the public that they will continue to prioritize the well-being and dignity of all patients, including those who have passed away. The hospital authorities have emphasized the importance of evidence-based medical practices and urged caution when it comes to extraordinary claims.

As the nation watches with bated breath, the question remains: Will Pastor Stephen Ojichukwu's prayers be answered, or will this incident serve as a reminder of the limits of human faith? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.


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