Drum for Positive Change Foundation Brings Books, Hope to IDP Camp Durumi, Empowering Children Through Education(photos) | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Drum for Positive Change Foundation Brings Books to IDP Camp Durumi | #NwokeukwuMascot

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 On March 30, 2024, the Drum for Positive Change Foundation made a heartfelt visit to the IDP Camp Durumi, located in Durumi, with a mission to address the lack of educational resources for the children residing in the camp. The camp serves as a sanctuary for families displaced by conflict, and the children there face various challenges, including limited access to education.

The arrival of the foundation's volunteers, Daniel Nwodo, Lucy Asuquo, Rita-Mary Abuh, Emenike Kenneth, and Joseph Emeka, was met with warm embraces and gratitude from the camp residents. The camp coordinator, who had previously emphasized the crucial need for educational support, expressed deep appreciation for the foundation's dedicated efforts.

Recall we had reported how the foundation earlier embarked on a mission to Durumi, bearing not just food, but also essential supplies and a promise of support.

 Few photos from the visit 

The distribution of books brought immense joy to the children, who eagerly received vibrant storybooks and educational materials, unlocking new realms of knowledge and imagination. Going beyond mere book distribution, the volunteers engaged the children through captivating storytelling sessions and interactive reading activities, fostering connections that transcended language barriers and creating a sense of unity.

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A particularly poignant moment unfolded when a teacher from the camp's school expressed heartfelt gratitude to the foundation for their boundless generosity. She offered prayers for blessings upon their noble endeavors, recognizing the profoundly positive impact on the lives of the children in the camp.

As the day drew to a close, the camp reverberated with laughter and camaraderie, leaving behind an indelible feeling of hope. Mr. Samuel Oji, a trained Biochemist/Health and Safety Advisor working in the UK and the Founder/CEO of Drum for Positive Change Foundation, remains steadfast in his commitment to leaving a lasting impression symbolizing a brighter and more promising future for the children of IDP Camp Durumi. Through their unwavering dedication, the foundation is empowering these children through education, paving the way for a better tomorrow filled with opportunities and possibilities.


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