Exposing the State-Sponsored Mockery of Governance in Abia State (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


…State Sponsored Mockery of Governance in Abia State by John Okiyi Kalu | #NwokeukwuMascot

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 Watch this video posted by someone who reportedly must have gone back to the authorities in Abia State Government to collect N2m for making and sharing this propaganda skit. The lady here is not alone as the current most lucrative business in Lagos Computer Village is to make skits promoting Governor Alex Otti in exchange for cash.

Here are fun facts about this video:

1.) The road “done by Alex Otti” is a portion of Enugu-Port Harcourt federal highway awarded by the Goodluck Jonathan administration and implemented under President Buhari.

2.) That road was in that state before Otti became Governor of Abia State last year. Indeed it was executed during the administration of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

3.) The reason people believed such roads did not exist in Abia before now, according to the young lady, was simply because same Alex Otti funded a massive demarketing media campaign against the state while pursuing power for 9 years.

4.) The Ariaria market project she mentioned was envisioned and executed by former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu under my supervision as Abia State Commisisoner for Trade & Investment . I took the heat for the execution from scratch to the current stage while Ikpeazu most suffered the associated negatives of demolition of a portion of any market in Nigeria.

5.) The same Otti that sponsored false narratives against Abia because he wanted power at all cost is now sponsoring propaganda and outright falsehood to promote what he did not do in order to make people believe that Abia only started working under his watch. Meanwhile Otti has done nothing substantial or comparable to the huge funds he has received so far, aside from funding massive propaganda. 

6.) There is absolutely no major road and infrastructure development in Aba in particular, and to a large extent Abia in general today, that does not have Ikpeazu's signature. That is why Otti’s game plan is to obliterate Ikpeazu's positive record from the minds of people he hitherto misled into believing that Ikpeazu did nothing. He will surely FAIL. 

7.) Most of those praising Otti are doing so on false premise of he being the one that did things that were actually done by the media shy Ikpeazu.

In reality, more serious Igbo Governors like Peter Mbah of Enugu State and Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State are executing more impactful development agenda without making a noise about it.

As a test to the facts highlighted above, I challenge anyone working with Governor Alex Otti to boldly come out and state that the road in this video was done by Otti. Or that Otti demolished and reconstructed Ariaria market to its current state vis-à-vis A-line. The lady in this video may not even have visited Ariaria to know that we only completed work on 3 blocks along A-line while other blocks are still ongoing. She just made video to “collect” pay. 

If the government cannot dispute the truth I’ve volunteered then all I wish to demand is that they stop sponsoring false propaganda including telling the world they paid off 9 years of pension arrears whereas they only paid 9 months owed pensioners by Alex Otti’s government from June 2023-March 2024. Claiming that it was a typographical error that they communicated 9 years without an official statement to that effect is official malfeasance of the highest order. 

Paying off your (Otti’s) own arrears is good enough even if it proves that you were lying all along that you were paying pensioners every month.

Hopefully at some point, those well meaning members of the Obidient movement will realize how much damage is being done to the carefully cultivated image of Peter Obi by their association with this sponsored propaganda in promotion of Otti with what he has not done.

-Nwandugbom JOK


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