Former Abia Assembly Deputy Speaker, Cosmos Ndukwe, Resigns from PDP | #NwokeukwuMascot(Document)


 Rt.Hon Cosmos Ndukwe 

Former Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Mr Cosmos Ndukwe, has made a surprising move by resigning from his membership in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In a resignation letter dated 26th April 2024, Ndukwe expressed his belief that leaving the party is the best decision he can make at this time.

Ndukwe, known for his prominent role within the PDP, has been a significant figure in Abia politics. His decision to abandon the party has sparked speculation and raised eyebrows among political observers. As a former Councillor, Deputy Chairman Local Government, Chief of Staff to Executive Governor of Abia and Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Ndukwe's departure from the PDP comes as a shock to many.

Although the reasons behind his resignation are not explicitly stated in the letter, political analysts are already speculating on the potential factors that may have influenced Ndukwe's decision. Some suggest that internal disagreements within the party or personal aspirations for political growth might be contributing factors. However, Ndukwe has not provided any further details regarding his motivations.

The resignation of such a prominent figure like Ndukwe is expected to have a significant impact on the PDP and the political landscape in Abia State. It remains to be seen whether Ndukwe's departure will lead to a domino effect, with other party members following suit or if it will cause a reevaluation of the PDP's strategies and internal dynamics.

As the political scene in Abia continues to evolve, Ndukwe's resignation adds another layer of complexity to an already dynamic environment. With the upcoming party congress on the horizon, the political landscape in the state is likely to witness further shifts and realignments.

Ndukwe's decision to leave the PDP marks a significant turning point in his political career and raises questions about his future political affiliations. As the news spreads, political observers and party members are eagerly awaiting Ndukwe's next move and the potential consequences it may have on the political arena.


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