How ISIS Terrorists Ambushed Nigerien Soldiers, Capture, Destroy Sophisticated Weapons (Photos) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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 The extremist armed group Islamic State (ISIS) militants have carried out an ambush against the Nigerien Army in Tillabéri.

The ambush was a shocking development in the ongoing conflict between terrorists and Niger military.


The aftermath of the attack has also revealed some disturbing details about the sophisticated weapons that the militants were able to capture and destroy.

One of the most striking pieces of equipment that fell into the hands of the terrorists was a South Africa-made OTT Technologies' Puma M36 MK5 MRAP. 


The heavily armoured vehicle, originally donated by the United States, was a crucial asset for the Nigerien Army in their fight against terrorism, the report indicated. 


"Its loss represents a significant blow to the military capabilities of the country and raises concerns about the security situation in the region." 


In addition to the MRAP, the terrorists also "seized a rare Singapore-made STK/CIS 40 AGL auto grenade launcher. This weapon is known for its high accuracy and devastating firepower, making it a prized possession for any armed group. The fact that ISIS was able to capture such a sophisticated piece of equipment is a troubling sign of their growing strength and influence in the region.


"They also acquired a cache of 107mm Chinese Type 63-2 HE rockets, as well as KPV and Type 85 heavy machine guns. These weapons are highly destructive and capable of causing widespread damage, posing a serious threat to the security and stability of the region. 


"The presence of such advanced weaponry in the hands of ISIS militants is a cause for concern and underscores the need for increased international support to combat the growing terrorist threat in Niger.


"In addition to the heavy weaponry, the militants also seized a number of AKM/Type 56 assault rifles. These rifles are commonly used by insurgent groups around the world and are known for their reliability and effectiveness in combat."


According to the Family Writers Press International, for the fact that ISIS was able to acquire a significant number of these rifles further highlights their ability to outgun and outmaneuver the Nigerien Army.


"The implications of this ambush are clear - ISIS is gaining ground and becoming more emboldened in their attacks on Nigerien security forces. The sophisticated weaponry that they have been able to capture demonstrates their growing capabilities and poses a serious threat to the stability of the region. 


"The international community must step up its support for Niger in order to prevent further escalation of the conflict and to ensure the security of the country and its people.


"The ambush in Tillabéri and the subsequent capture of advanced weaponry by ISIS militants is a troubling development that highlights the growing threat of terrorism in Niger. The loss of the MRAP and other sophisticated weapons is a significant setback for the Nigerien Army and underscores the need for increased support from the international community. 


"It is crucial that the government of Niger and its allies take decisive action to combat ISIS and prevent further attacks on innocent civilians and security forces. Failure to do so could have dire consequences for the stability and security of the region."


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