If not alcohol, what could make a man choose media trial over agencies that deal with financial crimes? (Video) #NwokeukwuMascot


...Alleged N107.2Bn Non-Existent Abia Airport Scandal : Accusations and Distractions of Governor Otti's Government | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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As a student who practices discernment and reflection, I won't fail to start by quoting a thoughtful piece I love so much, which says, "If you can't question whatever anyone tells you, if you can't ask necessary questions about what you heard or were told, then you don't have a brain."

In a recent report, allegedly credited to Alex Otti, a shocking revelation has been made about the allocation of over 100BN to different companies by the immediate past government led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for a non-existent projects and particularly an airport contract in Abia State.

The revelation was made during an interview conducted in the United States of America. Whether the allegations are true or false is no longer relevant, as the case has turned into nothing more than a media trial. It is worth noting that the supposed exposed banker did not approach the appropriate authorities to make the allegation.

The governor's actions and behavior have proven the accusations of vindictive conduct and behavior to be true. He has consistently tried to blame Ikpeazu for most of his failures in delivering his campaign promises. For instance, when he was called out for using over N5bn to run his office in just 3 months, while governing Abia from the comfort of his Nvosi Residence, his government went on radio to falsely claim that the money was used to pay off debts owed by the previous government.

The purpose of Dr. Alex Otti's visit to America remains unknown to the people of Abia. However, the expenses for the trip were paid from the state purse. Some have described his announcement of a forensic report on what happened in Abia as a distraction to cover his extravagant expenses in America.

By announcing the report in America, the intent of the alleged forensic investigation has been jeopardized, as it provides the accused with evidence to file for targeted prosecution by the state government. Ultimately, it is the people of Abia who suffer the consequences. This situation highlights the dangers of having ego-driven individuals in positions of power.

Dr. Alexander Chioma Otti should not be taken seriously if he fails to recover the money from the company that his forensic team claimed was paid to different companies for a non-existent airport and contract.

The development of the Abia light railway, film industry at Nsulu, Owaza seaport, and 24/7 electricity in Old Aba Province are enough reasons to suspect that distractions are being created for the naive population of Abia.@highlight

-Nwokeukwu, Mascot Nnamdi.


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