Injustice Prevails: The Threat to Justice in Abia State's Aba North State Constituency(Documents)| #NwokeukwuMascot


…Aba North State Constituency: injustice is a threat to justice in Abia State by John Okiyi Kalu | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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 (Abia State) - In a scathing piece, Chief John Okiyi Kalu, former Commissioner for Information, Trade & Investment of Abia State, has raised serious concerns about the alleged injustice and interference with the democratic process in Abia State's Aba North State Constituency. Kalu accuses Governor Alex Otti of disregarding the rule of law and attempting to suppress dissenting voices.

The controversy centers around the refusal to inaugurate Hon Aaron Uzodike, who was declared the winner of the Aba North State Constituency election by the Appeal Court. Despite Uzodike presenting the necessary documents to the State House of Assembly, his inauguration was abruptly canceled on December 18, 2023, reportedly due to "orders from above" received by Speaker Emmanuel Emeruwa. Kalu challenges Governor Otti and his supporters to produce the court order that supposedly halted the inauguration, questioning its legitimacy.

Okiyi partly wrote, “My attention has been drawn to another abusive publication against my person by Governor Alex Otti which was shared by his media aide and my response remains same: do the right and democratic thing and you won’t have me to contend with.

“Regarding the issue of refusal to inaugurate Hon Aaron Uzodike after he has been duly issued a Certificate of Return by INEC and submitted same to the House of Assembly along with the certified true copy of the judgement of the Appeal Court, I stand by every single statement I made. 

“Fact speaks for itself: The highest court that adjudicates on legislative election issues in Nigeria is the Appeal Court, and in a well considered judgement, the court declared Honorable Uzodike the winner of Aba North State Constituency election in 2023 and directed his inauguration to enjoy the the fruit of that judgement. 

“When Uzodike presented relevant documents to the state house of assembly in December 2023, the Speaker, Emmanuel Emeruwa, minuted to the relevant administrative office that he be presented for inauguration on the 18th of December 2023. 

“His inauguration was canceled on the 18th of December 2023, reportedly after the Speaker received “orders from above”. There was NO COURT ORDER as at that time stopping the inauguration and I challenge Governor Alex Otti and his minions to publish the purported court order for public review of the date and details including the name of the lower court judge that dare issue such an order so that the National Judicial Council (NJC) can help us review the propriety of such purported order. If that purported order was obtained after December 18th 2023, members of the public can now also see who exactly is the man behind the mask of official abuse of power: Governor Alex Otti.” Kalu said.

Kalu further highlighted a significant development in the case, noting that on March 19, 2024, Hon. Justice C. H. Ahuchaogu of the State High Court dismissed a suit filed by Destiny Nwagwu, further undermining claims of a previous court order against Uzodike's inauguration. Kalu demands transparency and urges the public to scrutinize the supposed court order and the individuals responsible for it.

The former Commissioner also sheds light on allegations of coercion against traditional rulers in the Aba North constituency. Kalu claims that certain traditional rulers were forced to declare the seat vacant, alleging abuse of power by Governor Otti. He challenges the Governor to address these accusations and warns against castrating Abia's traditional rulers.

Furthermore, Kalu emphasizes the importance of the separation of powers between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. He argues that Governor Otti lacks the authority to unilaterally overturn a valid court judgment and criticizes his alleged disregard for the rule of law. Kalu asserts that Abia State elected a democratic Governor, not a despot who selectively chooses which court judgments to obey.

Calling on journalists and civil society organizations, Kalu urges them to take notice of the growing despotism in Abia State and hold Governor Otti accountable. He invokes the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stating that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

His words in full, “On the 19th of March 2024 Hon. Justice C. H. Ahuchaogu of the State High Court dismissed the suit filed by Destiny Nwagwu. If there was a previous court order in 2023 stopping the inauguration of Aaron Uzodike, as falsely claimed by Govenor Alex Otti, why did they file another failed suit in 2024? See the attached proof of the dismissal of the case. 

“There is no need defending myself on the issue of Aba North Traditional Rulers being coerced by the Emperor of Abia State and/or his agents to declare the Aba North seat vacant as I also published a copy of the letter already signed by at least two of the traditional rulers and mentioned their names in my publication. If those who signed ever come out publicly to state that their signatures were forged then I will apologize to them, otherwise I wish to advise Governor Otti to remove the monkey's hand from the soup before it turns to human hand. Stop castrating Abia traditional rulers!! 


“For further emphasis, no high court in Nigeria can stop the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly from performing his legitimate duties as there is separation of powers between the 3 arms of government. Mr Governor, we are not fools in Abia State and you cannot silence all of us. You are also not the first elected Governor of Abia State and will not be the last. 

“Dear Governor Alex Otti, you lack the statutory powers to determine or remedy what you described as “the most unjust and questionable judgments in the history of Nigeria” because it is not within your remit to do so. There is separation of powers between the executive, the judiciary and the legislative arms of government, and thinking that you can singlehandedly and arbitrarily remedy the judgement of a validly constituted court of final jurisdiction through another obviously invalid court order is what makes you a confirmed Emperor. Only Emperors and despots ignore the rule of law, and by simply injecting yourself and office into what is clearly outside your statutory purview you assumed the position of an Emperor. Abians elected a democratic Governor and not a despot that will sit in his house to decide which court judgement to obey and which one to ignore. Know this and know peace, Mr Governor!!!

“In a direct response to Governor Otti's perceived threats, Kalu declares his readiness to face any fabricated charges and asserts that he will not be silenced. He also expresses disappointment with the treatment of pensioners, accusing the Governor of manipulating and deceiving senior citizens to forfeit their earned wages.

“As per the thinly veiled threat to pick and lock up John Okiyi Kalu, please note that I have long shaved my head and packed my bag waiting for the Emperor of Abia State to do what Emperors do: fabricate cases and lock up dissenting voices. Be assured that I am the last man standing and will be the last man you will ever frame up for anything and imprison, if you dare. 

“Regarding pensioners, I am personally ashamed of the manipulation and lies that those senior citizens have been subjected to by Governor Alex Otti aimed at forcing them to forfeit earned wages. Mr Governor, you owed them billions of naira in unpaid pensions within your 10 months in office even while lambasting others before you for owing them, and when you paid what you owed you compelled them to forfeit what others owed them to achieve “full and final payment”. Whereas you vowed to clear all the outstanding owed over the years by preceding administrations since 1999. If what Mr Governor is celebrating is replacing malaria with cancer for our senior citizens then may God help our pensioners to find an appropriate drug to cure this cancer. 

“Speaking of slaves and slave masters, my thoughts and prayers are with the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly. All I can say is that there is no difference between taking someone to Okija shrine to swear an oath of puppetry and taking him before a priest to swear with a Bible to be a puppet for life. May the Almighty God set free all those that are under an oath of puppetry by Emperors and wanna be Emperors in Jesus name. 

“Mr Governor Sir, only Emperors and despots ask people to swear oath of puppetry before appointing or supporting them. If I may ask sir, did Destiny Nwagwu decline to swear oath of puppetry hence your refusal to endorse him for Speakership in 2023? If yes, God bless him!

“Finally, Governor Alex Otti, you do not need me to ask a democratically elected Governor to allow the legislative branch do their work without interference and impediments. As a democratically elected Governor you ought to be defending the rule of law much more than common John Okiyi Kalu because without it your office does not exist. 

“My personally taking up this fight to ensure that justice is done is not because I do not like Destiny Nwagwu or particularly enamored of Aaron Uzodike but simply because I am acutely aware of the 1963 statement by Dr Martin Luther King Jnr that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. 

“Governor Alex Otti, are  you aware of that statement by late Dr Martin Luther King Jnr? If yes, then do the right thing. Otherwise, now you know and if you know you know what to do.

“I wish to plead with all men of good will, journalists and civil society organizations in Nigeria to rise up early to the budding challenge of despotism in Abia State. Do not allow Governor Alex Otti fully take root and manifest as a despotic Emperor before holding him accountable. The early warning signs are everywhere including the regular imposition and sacking of traditional rulers and the instant case where he has refused to allow the inauguration  of Aba North State Constituency representative as directed by the court.” Okiyi ended.

The allegations put forth by Chief John Okiyi Kalu raise significant concerns about the developing erosion of justice and democratic principles in Abia State. As the controversy unfolds, the public eagerly awaits Governor Alex Otti's response and the actions of relevant authorities to address these serious allegations.


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