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..."What Can African Christians Say Again," — Chiagoziem Enoch | #NwokeukwuMascot

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In the attached image, we see the skull of St Wenceslaus being brought to the church by European Christians. St Wenceslaus, the son of the Duke of Bohemia, met a tragic fate that ultimately led to his sainthood. He was assassinated by his own brother and other nobles during the celebration of the feast of saints Cosmas, an event later known as "a dreadful feast".

The martyrdom of St Wenceslaus and his popularity, as depicted in Anglo-Saxon mythologies, have made him a revered figure among European Christians. They continue to celebrate his remains as those of a saint and martyr, seeking his intercession and guidance in their prayers.

However, the situation is quite different in Africa. According to Mr. Chiagoziem Enoch, who is a teacher, author, and social justice protagonist, in a social post, he has raised a stark contrast by asking the following question: What can African Christians say in response to this disparity?

Mr Chiagoziem who addresses himself as a Christian of Berea, had pondered on this matter and seek to explore the significance of our own spiritual figures and their role in our faith.

In his words: “In the picture below is the skull of St Wenceslaus being brought to the church by European christians. St Wenceslaus was the son of the Duke of Bohemia.

“The circumstances surrounding his death resulted to his sainthood. His junior brother conspired with other nobles and assassinated him as he attained the celebration of the feast of saints cosmas.  A feast that would later be nicknamed "a dreadful feast".

“His martyrdom and popularity as captured by many Anglo-saxon's myth gave rise to his popularity. Today, his remains is still being celebrated by European christians as the remains of a saint and martyr. Maybe, while doing this, they would ask him to pray for them or ask God to answer them using St Wenceslaus as a point of contact.

“However, here, our saints, martyrs and heroes are diabolic and satanic. Now, what can African christians say? I'm a Christian of Berea.“ Chiagoziem opined.

This thought-provoking opinion piece points out that while European Christians honor their saints and martyrs, African saints, martyrs, and heroes are often labeled as diabolic and satanic. This stark contrast raises the question of what African Christians can say in response to this disparity. Enoch's thought-provoking words invite us to reflect on our own spiritual heritage and the importance of recognizing and celebrating our own spiritual figures.



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