100 Days In Office: Is Abia Doomed? Governor Otti Faces Scrutiny Over Dubious Road Projects and Mismanagement Allegations (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


….Is Abia Doomed? by Eke O Ako | #NwokeukwuMascot 

 Gov Alex Otti 

Two(2) weeks ago, Governor Alex C. Otti went to Rivers State to commission a 10.98km STATE ROAD built by Governor Sir Siminalayi Fubara, an embattled Governor, who has been under crisis, who has been fighting fires since he assumed office. 

Yesterday, the same guy who was sworn in on same day as Governor Otti delivered yet another 21km road,  while Governor Otti is holding ceremonies to commission 3km of poorly rehabilitated township streets, and going about making promises to gullible Abians.

Sadly Governor Otti under whose watch Abia has earned over N400bn in 11 months, can neither post the photos of the so-called rehabilitated roads nor the length of the roads he claims to have RECONSTRUCTED.

The streets which have simply undergone resurfacing without any drainage works, walkways or kerbs appear so poorly done.

Abians have been so badly governed that they praise patching or resurfacing of street roads which should be done by the Local Governments, while the Local Governments which have earned over N60bn are deprived of their funds by the governor. 

Instead of oppressed Abians to question Governor Otti for the several tens of billions of Naira he has claimed for NON-EXISTENT projects and demand the return of the funds, they are busy abusing anyone who attempts to wake them up from their 3 decades of slumber.

The youth whose future are being stolen in broad daylight are busy abusing me or anyone who dares to question Governor Otti for the funds which he has claimed for projects that only exist on Abia's financial reports. 

Like zombies whose brains have been eaten, they post pictures of a repainted Aba South LGA building, but blackmail anyone who asks them to question Governor Otti for the LGA Revenues of more than N60bn.

The worst is that the House of Assembly,  which should have swung into action to recover these diverted public funds are technically non-existent, and are only a cost centre in Abia's financial reports.

Is Abia cursed that we can't get good leadership, Are the citizens equally cursed, How did we get here? It will take a miracle to recover the state.


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