A Critical Review of Otti’s Administration and the Ridiculousness of His Defenders | #NwokeukwuMascot


…You cannot defend Otti without sounding foolish and ridiculous by Eric Ikwuagwu | #NwokeukwuMascot

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We Awarded the PortHarcourt road project to Julius Berger at N32billion but our oga being a fantastic haggler; haggled and got a discount of N2billion.It has become crayfish business with fisi and mezi ahia. N6billion for a kilometer? Make una fear God small nau, haba!!

We are doing 6 lanes at Ossah road, Umuahia. When confronted with the fact that the ossah road project is a mere walk-path expansion. Craneburg construction only asphalted shoulders of the old road without touching the center at a rumoured cost of N16.6Billion Why did Otti have to knock down buildings that weren't even near to the road and most house owners didn't receive adequate compensation. DEFENCE: "Didnt Ikpeazu  knock down buildings at PH road. Why didn't Ikpeazu do it? Blah blah blah". But are we in competition with a government you saints claimed didn't perform? Meanwhile Dr. Ikpeazu executed the landmark project of first flyover in Abia.
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Our oga has CLEARED 9 years pension Arrears!!. When they were caught in their own lie; DEFENCE: well, technically Otti cleared all because he used good diplomacy to get pensioners to forgo their outstanding entitlements and paid all the 10 months he accumulated. What a ridiculous defence. 

We used KPMG to conduct a FORENSIC AUDITING of Abia financials from 2015 to 2023. When they were confronted with difference between PROCESS REVIEW and FORENSIC AUDIT; DEFENCE:, did KPMG not carry out something on abia accounts? Didn't the KPMG report name people that shared the N10billion with Ikpeazu?: When in actual, the accounts belong to contractors and 99% of them have visited EFCC and came back with clean bill, after showing evidence of completed jobs.

The cost of road contracts are the costliest in Nigeria today, no open bidding, no transparency; their ridiculous DEFENCE:..."cry cry baby leave am for us like that".

Why is there so much clash of interest in almost every dealings of your government and clanishness? DEFENCE: "You are angry because you were roundly defeated".
The budget performance quarterly reports have shown that Otti's government is neither prudent, incorruptible but is absolutely reckless with Abia funds. DEFENCE: "You are stupid and hopeless. Was Ikpeazu not reckless too. The other day you said hi to a lady. You told people that you steal money bla bla bla". They will leave the substance to attack individual's personality. Well, folks cannot be stopped with cheap blackmail.

The process report was inconclusive and didn't indict anybody. DEFENCE: "those people mentioned are thieves".

Otti hasn't paid wage award. DEFENCE:" If Ikpeazu had paid salaries won't otti pay?. Ikpeazu is the cause of it. Otti is waiting for federal government to implement new national minimum wage.". Meanwhile the question was wage Award.

Who are the contractors that built hospitals for N1.6billion, conducted research and development under 3 months for N3billion. Who did the capacity building and orientation with N3billion. Who renovated Commissioner's quarters? Are they known to the public? DEFENCE: Our Governor has right to use whomsoever he deems ok for his contracts. We are not interested but Ikpeazu must explain why he used those contractors during his time as Governor. 

Why hasn't Otti cleared worker's salary arrears and stopped the core and uncore dichotomy in payment of MDAs and Parastatals,? DEFENCE: Did Ikpeazu stop it? Did Ikpeazu pay. Ikpeazu this, Ikpeazu that...?". Even when he was elected to solve problems and not whine, whimper and complain.

Otti has no magic to perform as Governor apart from complaints and drag his predecessor. Buhari did it against President Goodluck Jonathan but it backfired. Otti's will also backfire. He is losing credibility so fast that even his illiterate followers are beginning to question what oozes out from his mouth these days. Keeping it honest.


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