Abia State Logo change: Are there plans to erase every achievement of Dr. Ikpeazu? #NwokeukwuMascot


...Abia Logo, Why Change It? by Barr Bestman Eruba | #NwokeukwuMascot

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In 2016, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu unveiled a new logo and flag for Abia State. The logo features the following components:

- An elephant, symbolizing strength.

- A black image on an orange background, representing oil, a resource abundant in Abia State.

- A handshake in a green background, signifying partnership and brotherhood.

- A figure with a hammer and anvil, representing hard work and the city of Aba.

- A tower, representing the Abia Tower,

- An eagle, symbolizing foresight and looking towards the future.

This was part of the activities commemorative of our 25th  anniversary as State.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu launched the new Abia identities saying that 25 years after creation as a Federating Unit (State) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Abia has joined other States like Lagos, Bayelsa, Osun, Cross River etc to establish and unveil its own identity.

And that Henceforth, the following new symbols would the official identity of Abia State. And subsequently the Governor's media and information team released an explanatory note

The then Abia logo consists of : The Helm, Black and Gold Eagle signifying STRENGTH and GRACE.

The Shield:

Silver, quartered in Blue, Gold, Earth and Green signifying LABOUR and ENTERPRISE (Blue) , Sun and abundance of WARMTH (GOLD), Welcoming & Receptive Nature of Abians (Earth) and Fertility (Green).

The Central Elephant is the Traditional Image of Abia (Enyi). While the Open Book signifies Education, Scholarship and The Holy Bible as God's own State. 

The 4 Ordinaries are:

1. Artisan (Artisanship/enterprising nature of Abians).

2. The Abia Tower (The central Abia Figure).

3. Industry (Productivity in manufacturing and oil & gas).

4. Handshake (Business and commerce).

The base of Marigold Field: On which The Shield Stands, and Supported by 4 Palm Trees further signifying fertility and the abundance of mineral, natural, human and material resources.

The Flag: The base theme of the design centers on Black and Gold, which are the nationally allotted colours of Abia State. The gold tells of Abundance & Wealth while Blacks speaks of the people and the fertility of the land.

The flag incorporates the Abia Coat of Arms and a green forward facing pennant indicative of life and progress. The Background is predominantly white, signifying peace.

Can the new Abia media team tell us why the changed the Abia logo and avail us further details of the meaning and symbolism of the new Abia logo. Or are we just changing it because it was formulated by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu's administration?

Why did the Government change our beautiful logo and why are they not singing the Abia anthem at official gatherings and functions of government?


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