Alleged Financial Misconduct: How Gov Otti Secured Approval for Transfer of Over N22bn from Abia House of Assembly Speaker During Recess (Document) | #NwokeukwuMascot



 Alex Chioma Otti 

While the House of Assembly was on recess in September 2023, Governor Alex C. Otti went to his boy, the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, on 5th September 2023, and demanded that he gave him approval for the the transfer of the sum of N22.6bn approved in the 2023 Appropriation Law, for him to use it for other purposes. 

What raised my eyebrows then was that Governor Otti had already spent all or part of the money in August 2023 on unknown projects, as per the letter he wrote to the Speaker. He simply asked  the Speaker to approve funds he had already spent on God knows what, without legislative approval. 

To the shock of other House of Assembly Members who were on recess at the time,  the Speaker and two other people approved the sum of N22.6bn for Governor Otti without reaching out to their fellow House Members, and without any form of deliberation. Within 30 minutes of making his demand, N22.6bn of Abia's money was handed over to Governor Otti.

The most painful part is that such events have continued to happen. It is not hidden that House of Assembly Members claim that they have not been involved in the approval of up to N145bn loans Governor Otti has either directly borrowed or used his proxies to borrow.

While Ikpeazu's government was detailed in specifying which contractors and projects were paid with the N10bn initially approved for Abia Airport after the purpose was changed, it will surprise you that Governor Otti did not specify which road project  he was diverting or diverted the N22.6bn to. Yet the Speaker of Abia House of Assembly approved the money for him without consulting his fellow Members or any form of scrutiny. 

I have advised Governor Otti regularly to focus on governance and forget his attempt to fight Ikpeazu, but he refused. My reason is not because I agree that Ikpeazu is not guilty or that the N10bn was not simply shared, it is because Governor Otti is guilty of every offence he is accusing Ikpeazu of.

Until now, no one has come forward to claim the N25bn bounty I placed on 5 people who can bring evidence of non existent projects Governor has claimed tens of billions of Naira for, in 9 months.

Can anyone in Governor Otti's Government now tell us the project for which the Speaker and his two friends approved N22.6bn for Governor Alex Otti without deliberation on 5th September 2023?



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