Calls for Gov Otti to Resign Intensify Following Misappropriation of Public Funds(documents) | #NwokeukwuMascot


Alleged Financial Misconduct: Return Abia’s Funds and Resign, Eke O Ako writes Gov Otti | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Dear Governor Alex C. Otti 

1. I read with dismay, a poor attempt by one of your Domestic Assistants, one Ferdinand Ekeoma, to blackmail me, and shut me up from exposing the grand and industrial scale abuse of Abia's funds that has gone under your watch in the last 11 months.


2. I was informed about the said post several hours after it was made, because Ferdinand blocked me from his handle due to the  challenge & perspective which I provided to the numerous lies and propaganda which your government has been dishing out to Abians and Nigerians through his handle. You guys were uncomfortable with the effects it was having on your audience who you wanted to hypnotise into perpetual foolery.

2b. Let me state clearly that for several years, Ferdinand and I regularly challenged the posts of the then Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu,  Barr Onyebuchi Ememanka , on Ememanka's Facebook page, without censorship, irrespective of the hostile nature of our exchanges to the CPS. This shows how tolerant your administration has been to critics and opposing voices

2c. Under you, all of us must become praise singers or else we the critics will be either blackmailed or censored or termed agents of one of your numerous former political parties.

3. Although I didnt consider it necessary to respond to the watery blackmail and distortion of facts, my legal adviser pressured me to provide a response, which I did via my video last night, however, I couldn't provide a written response to the blackmail and lies on Ferdinand's wall, as I was blocked from viewing & commenting on his posts. 

4. Ferdinand's actions typify your governance style, where someone was auditted without his knowledge or input, and found guilty in a university in America. It also reminds me of your Executive Council where members are not given the privilege of having input into the contracts you hand out to your cronies or even know the scope of work. THIS IS THE TYPE OF LEADERSHIP YOU ARE PROVIDING TO ABIANS - LEADERSHIP BY CENSORING & BLACKMAILING DISSENTING VOICES, who will not join the bandwagon of YES MEN, to praise your inflated contracts handed to your cronies without due process. 

5. Mr Otti, I have NOT done anything to you for you to authorise such a weak blackmail against me, apart from my recent calls for you to account for the tens of billions of Naira you claimed for NON-EXISTENT PROJECTS in the last 9 months, including my constant call foe you to lower your prohibitive cost of governance, after sacking thousands of Abia workers, and forcing retirees to forfeit their retirement benefits to you.

6. This is now about a week since I set a prize money of N25m for 5 of your appointees or loyalists or e-bandits like Ferdinand Ekeoma to provide evidence of the non-existent projects you claimed tens of billions of Naira for in your published financial reports hosted on the website of Abia State Government. No one has been able to provide any evidence of where your alien projects are located.  They must be in Mars.

7. While I do not wish to waste my time on providing additional response to the blackmail of your roadside journalist turned Media Assistant, let me reiterate that your attempts to divert the attention of Abians and Nigerians to the unprecedented, and  industrial scale abuse of Abia funds that have gone under you in the past 11 months, is dead on arrival.

8. Dear Governor Otti, ignoring your failed distraction project, could you please provide evidence of the projects below for which you claimed funds for between July 2023 and March 2024, projects which most Abians argue that they don't exist anywhere apart from the pages of your financial reports. 

9. If these projects don't exist in Abia, Nigeria or on earth, and you cannot provide evidence of where they are located, could you kindly return the funds to the state's coffers, and RESIGN your position as Abia Governor because you have lost the credibility required of a leader who should be in charge of the state's finances.

1. Construction of Office Buildings - ₦3.8bn

2. Construction of Water Facilities - ₦260m

3. Construction of Waterways - ₦290m

4. Construction of Public Schools - ₦4.6bn

5. Construction of Hospitals - ₦1.07bn

6. Construction of ICT Infrastructure - ₦2,5bn

7. Construction of Infrastructure - ₦843m

8. Purchase of Land - ₦437m

9. Renovation of Libraries - ₦10m

10. Construction of Boundary Pillars - N140m

11. Construction of Agricultural Facilities - ₦1.6bn

12. Erosion & Flood Control - ₦980m

13. Water Pollution Prevention - ₦158m

14. Research & Development Projects - ₦3bn

15. Government House Restaurant - ₦899m

16. Governor's Office Medical Equipment - ₦773m

17. Governor's Office Media Station - ₦638m

18. Governor's Vehicles - ₦2.8bn

19. Capacity Building & Value Orientation ₦3.1bn

20. Governor's Office Office Furniture - ₦134m

21. Governor's Office IT Equipment & Stationeries - ₦359m

22. Governor's office Generators ₦147m

23. Social Welfare Activities ₦486m

24. Governor's Office Industrial Equipment ₦119.4m

Also show us the Governor's Office where you spent N2.97bn on capital projects. Where are the capital projects?

Thank you.

Your fellow Citizen

Eke O Ako


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