Ekcleen Integrated Services Responds to KPMG Process Report on Abia State Projects | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Abia State, Nigeria – Ekcleen Integrated Services Nigeria Ltd., a prominent indigenous construction company with over a decade of experience, has issued a formal response to the KPMG Forensic report released by the Abia State Government. The report named Ekcleen among the companies involved in state projects from 2015 to 2023.

Ekcleen, known for its expertise in both rigid and flexible pavement construction, emphasized that all its projects were executed according to global best practices. The company cited notable projects, including those in Osusu, Omuma, Ibadan, Agharandu, and Onyebuchi, as examples of its commitment to quality.

In a statement, the company addressed the inaccuracies in the KPMG report, stressing the importance of presenting a complete and accurate narrative. "The forensic report did not get the facts accurately," Ekcleen stated. "All contracts awarded to us, especially those funded, were executed according to specifications. We have records, pictures, and video clips available for presentation and verification."

Ekcleen also highlighted a significant distinction between the awarding of contracts and the release of funds. "Funds are released based on verified milestones achieved," the company noted, referencing KPMG's acknowledgment that the figures in the report are yet to be verified.

The company expressed its appreciation for the government's efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in public projects. "We support all necessary strategies and efforts put in place by the government to make sure that the right thing is done," the management concluded.

Ekcleen's response aims to clarify its position and reaffirm its dedication to delivering high-quality construction projects in compliance with established standards. The company remains open to further verification and scrutiny to uphold its reputation for excellence in the construction sector.


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