Hon. Alex Ikwechegh, Aba Federal Constituency Representative, Converts to Islam and Adopts the Name "AbdulAziz" (Photo) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Honorable Alex Mascot Ikwechegh, the member representing the Aba North and South Federal Constituency in the Nigerian House of Representatives, has reportedly converted from Christianity to Islam. The news was announced on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, by FAAREES (@MFaarees_), a prominent Muslim activist.

In his announcement, FAAREES revealed that the APGA man, Hon. Ikwechegh has adopted the name "AbdulAziz" following his conversion. He wrote, "Alhamdulillah, another beautiful soul won for Islam. Hon. Alex Mascot Ikwechegh, an Igbo philanthropist, businessman, and politician, Member Aba North & South Federal Constituency has accepted Islam, he chose AbdulAziz as his Muslim name."

The post continued with a warm welcome to the new convert: "Welcome to the religion of Peace and Truth, sir. We love you. May Allah bless you, accept your good deeds, and make you steadfast in your Deen."

Hon. Ikwechegh, known for his philanthropic efforts and political influence, is a significant figure in his constituency. His conversion has sparked discussions across social media and within his community, highlighting the personal and public implications of such a spiritual journey.

This development marks a notable moment in Hon. Ikwechegh's life and career, as he embraces a new faith and continues to serve his constituents under his new identity as AbdulAziz.


  1. Allahu Akbar.. Congratulations sir.. My Almighty Allah bless you Islam


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