Kingship Tussle: Protest Rocks Akwete Ndoki Over Plans to Impose Monarch (Photos) | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Council of Chiefs Accuses Federal Lawmaker Nkwonta of Interference | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Indigenes of Umuihueze autonomous community in Akwete Ndoki, Ukwa-East Local Government Area (LGA), staged a peaceful protest over the weekend against plans to impose Chief Daniel Nwuzor as their new traditional ruler. The protestors, carrying various placards, called on Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, to intervene and prevent a potential breakdown of law and order.

The community urged Governor Otti to investigate the activities of the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Prince Uzor Nwachukwu, alleging he had been bribed by Federal Lawmaker Hon. Chris Nkwonta to support Nwuzor’s imposition. They demanded that their nominee, chosen according to their customs and traditions, be recognized.

The Palace Secretary of the Community, Mr. Ogbonna Chijiuche, highlighted the long-standing monarchical tradition of the Akwete ancient Kingdom, which has existed for almost 500 years. He stated that the Umuihueze Akwete Council of Chiefs had previously received written approval from the Abia State government to present their nominee for the traditional ruler, following the community’s established regulations.

Chijiuche expressed confusion over the Commissioner’s sudden reversal of this approval, which now calls for a plebiscite to be conducted. "What must have changed from the earlier approval the community got on the matter?" he asked, criticizing the move as contrary to the dynasty of succession and traditions of Umuihueze Akwete Ndoki.

He further explained that the traditional stool of Umuihueze autonomous community, known as Onyenweala, has a history spanning more than 400 years. Key historical figures include King Agbara Akunwata Otuji, the Onyenweala I, and King Okerenta Ekeke Agbara, the Onyenweala III, who signed a treaty with the British in 1892. The last Onyenweala VI, King (Eze) Truman Wabara Akpara, died in 1980.

The Akwete Ndoki Council of Chiefs had unanimously nominated Chief Augustine Enyinnaya Ogbulu as the Eze-elect of Umuihueze Akwete, awaiting government ratification. Chijiuche criticized Commissioner Nwachukwu’s actions, alleging they were influenced by bribery from Hon. Nkwonta, a member of the community.

Another council member, Mr. Onyekwere Onyema, accused Nwachukwu and Nkwonta of attempting to desecrate the sacred traditions of their community. He called on Governor Otti to intervene and restore order.

A source, who requested anonymity, claimed that Nkwonta had invited Commissioner Nwachukwu to Abuja and financially induced him, with both men allegedly seen together at Nkwonta's residence.

In response, Commissioner Nwachukwu insisted that a plebiscite must be conducted and denied any financial inducement from Nkwonta. "The protest does not discredit the process," he stated.

Hon. Nkwonta, when questioned at the Ukwa-East Council headquarters in Akwete, dismissed the concerns, saying, "It is not my business, nor my concern."

The unfolding events have stirred significant unrest in the community, highlighting the deep-rooted tensions and the community's commitment to preserving their traditional processes. Governor Otti's intervention is seen as crucial to resolving the crisis and maintaining peace in Akwete Ndoki.


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