May Day 2024: Nigerian Lawmaker Erondu Jnr Extends Warm Wishes, Laments Poor Worker Conditions | #NwokeukwuMascot


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On the occasion of May Day 2024, Erondu Uchenna Erondu Jnr, Chairman of the House Committee on Public Service in the Abia State House of Assembly (ABHA), has conveyed heartfelt greetings to all Nigerian workers. In a statement issued by his spokesperson, George Egejuru, Erondu Jnr acknowledged the significant contributions of Nigerian workers to the nation's development, despite the adversities they endure.

"Undoubtedly, Nigerian workers stand out as among the most dedicated, resilient, and hardworking individuals globally. They serve as vital catalysts for the multifaceted growth of our nation," remarked Erondu Jnr.

However, amidst expressions of gratitude, Erondu Jnr also highlighted the harsh realities faced by Nigerian workers, particularly concerning inadequate remuneration. He emphasized the urgent need for an upward adjustment in workers' wages, citing the prevailing hyperinflation that has eroded the purchasing power of salaries.

"Considering the current economic landscape, the existing wage structure no longer sustains a dignified standard of living for workers but rather perpetuates a state of financial distress," Erondu Jnr lamented, illustrating the inability of a Grade Level 10 Officer, earning approximately N67,000 monthly, to afford basic necessities such as a bag of local rice priced at N80,000.

In light of these challenges, Erondu Jnr urged government authorities at all levels to prioritize the welfare of workers, recognizing their pivotal role in sustaining the Nigerian economy. He called upon labor unions and trade organizations to engage in constructive dialogues with governmental bodies, with the aim of effecting positive changes in workers' salaries and overall well-being.

As a former chairman of Obingwa Local Government Area (LGA), Erondu Jnr remains steadfast in his advocacy for improved worker conditions, underscoring the significance of collective efforts in achieving tangible progress. He concluded by extending his best wishes to Nigerian workers for a meaningful May Day celebration, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and resilience in navigating through challenging times.


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