Moment Singer Portable Jumps Gate To Escape As Police Comes To Arrest Him Over Alleged Unpaid Debt For His G-Wagon (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


Singer Portable Arrested Over Alleged Unpaid Debt for G-Wagon | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Lagos, May 14 – Nigerian singer Portable has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command following a complaint from a car dealer regarding an unpaid debt for a G-Wagon vehicle.

According to the car dealer's petition, Portable purchased the G-Wagon, valued at N27 million, making a down payment and taking possession of the vehicle with a promise to settle the remaining balance. However, after an extended period without any payment, the dealer contacted Portable, who then claimed the car had mechanical issues.

Despite the dealer's requests for Portable to either return the vehicle or pay the outstanding balance, the singer allegedly refused to comply. In response, the dealer filed a petition with the police.

Acting on the petition, the police moved in to arrest Portable. The singer is currently in police custody. Confirming the arrest, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, stated that the arrest was made in connection with the unresolved payment issue.

The incident underscores ongoing issues between entertainers and business transactions in the region, highlighting the importance of contractual obligations and timely payments.


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