Stakeholders and Executives of Bende PDP Showcase Unity at Crucial Meeting (Photos) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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In a notable display of unity and determination, the stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bende Local Government Area (LGA) held a significant meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Amidst a political climate marked by defections and realignments, this gathering stood out as a beacon of solidarity and commitment to the party's future.

The meeting brought together a distinguished assembly of stakeholders, LGA executives, ward chairmen, and women leaders, all united by a shared vision for the PDP’s progress. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of joy, hope, and determination, as leaders and representatives from various wards reaffirmed their unwavering faith in the party.

Among the notable attendees were Hon. Emmanuel Ndubuisi, Member representing Bende South in the State House of Assembly, and Hon. Nnamdi Ibekwe, Member representing Bende North in the State House of Assembly. The presence of key figures such as Chief Dike Dike, PDP Party Chairman Bende; Chief Gabriel Elendu, Former Chairman of Bende LGA and current PDP State Auditor; Barr. James Okpara, two-term former Commissioner; and Hon. Ukwu Rock Emma, a multiple-term Commissioner and former TC Chairman of Bende LGA, underscored the meeting’s importance.

Other prominent attendees included Chief Mascot Imo Obike, former Commissioner; Hon. Godwin Ndom and Hon. Karibe Ojigwe, both former Commissioners; Hon. John Mark, two-term Deputy TC Chairman; and former PDP Chairmen Chief Ihendu B. Eke and Chief Nduaka Nwaorisara. The PDP Secretary Bende, Chief Eugene Iriewe, alongside former Bende LGA Chairman Hon. Ikerionwu Okarumia, Elder A.E. Ukandu, Chief Uchechi Ogbuka, Mrs. Ngozi Igwe, Ambassador Loving Okoro, Mrs. Loverh Ojoh, and Woman Leader Bende LGA Mrs. Arisa Okparigbo were also in attendance, along with numerous other stakeholders and party members.

 Photos from the meeting 

The gathering was characterized by a collective sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to strengthening the party. The attendees pledged to work tirelessly to build and fortify the PDP, signalling a resounding declaration of their dedication and unity. This meeting served as a powerful testament to the party's resilience, sending a clear message that the Bende PDP is united, strong, and ready to face future challenges with enthusiasm and optimism.

The convergence of such a broad spectrum of party leaders and members not only highlighted their solidarity but also reinforced their determination to maintain the PDP’s dominance in Bende LGA. The meeting's outcomes promise to fortify the party's structure and enhance its prospects in forthcoming political endeavors.


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