The Cuckoo's Conspiracy: Abia's Political Struggle and the Ukwa la Ngwa Betrayals | #NwokeukwuMascot


The Cuckoo Bird Domination: Abia Emerging Political Reality by Eric Ikeagwu | #NwokeukwuMascot

Photo: from the left - Sen T A Orji, Center - Dr Okezie Ikpeazu PhD, Right - Sen Orji Uzor Kalu. 

The cuckoo is a long-tailed, medium-sized bird, typically with a grey or brown back and barred or pale underparts. Cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds; they do not make their own nest. They will sit on their own eggs and eggs laid by the bird that owned the nest, hatch the entire eggs but will ultimately kill the chicks of the other bird that made the nest that sheltered it.

There is so many myth about the mystical cuckoo bird but the outstanding behaviorism of the cuckoo is its ability to cunningly take over the home of other birds to establish its own kingdom while it annihilates the host.

The cuckoo's main behavioral trait is similarly playing out in Abia politico-sphere, where a people is indirectly mocked for no justification other than to continuously put their son in a very bad light as a political symbol of his people; not particularly the individual the cuckoo is disparaging but to put the entire race down. Open your eyes.!!!

The first governor from Ukwa la Ngwa is targeted for total political annihilation and surprisingly, the authentic indigenous people of ukwa la Ngwa are at the fore of this mission not knowing that the entire Ukwa la Ngwa race is the target. The cuckoo bird sits in your nest and make you accept him but in reality there is no love lost. The mission must be accomplished using the supposedly political symbol of Ukwa la Ngwa. 

Abia has had three former democratically elected Governors and they all contributed greatly to the development of the state, but none of these Governors are 100% perfect, because they are humans and we all are imperfect except God. Our Former Governors will forever remain great men, who we all respect.

Politics or no politics, Chief T.A Orji is so respected based on his ability to build human capacity from every nook and cranny of the state. His landmark projects are still standing till date many years after. Those from old Bende, particularly Umuahia, who may have reason to disagree with him politically will not muster the courage to abuse him. Those who dared in time past were in the minority and such died as soon as it came. Today, Ochendo as he is fondly called is a shining political symbol of Umuahia people by extension old Bende.

Chief Orji Uzor Kalu is not perfect but those from Abia North and particularly Bende worship him. He didn't make every old Bende man rich but nobody is holding or ever held such obnoxious entitlement mindset against him to such extent like it is happening today. Yes, there were political disagreements but not this senseless sense of entitlement. OUK's marks of achievement are still littered everywhere in Abia, 16 years after.

The Ukwa la Ngwa as a people is the problem unto themselves. The greed and senseless sense of entitlement of SOME of them is reason we see them at the fore of disparaging the supposedly political symbol of Ukwa la people. 

Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is not a saint or perfect just like every other human being, he left an unmatched record of achievement as Governor but he is vilified today by the cuckoo's grand plan to annihilate everything political about a people who sheltered him with their nest. Those who benefited from their political symbol believed they should have gotten more, those who were in-charge with him are today joining the cuckoo to malign him. What a world!!!.

 Photo of a Cuckoo Bird 

Other zones protect their own political symbols, but you unleashed both your young and old to berate your own just to satisfy the cuckoo and make him see you as supporting him. 

Daily, you come on social media to spew hate gibberish and rebel against a man whose magnanimity afforded you the car you drive, the house you live in and even the mobile phone you attack him with. Yet, you will think you are chasing after your stomach needs but not knowing you are destroying the entire political legacy of a people. 

Individualism and selfishness will make an Ukwa la Ngwa man celebrate the mass sack of their young ones and even have the courage to post it on their Facebook walls at the pleasure of the cuckoo. 

POSER; How many permanent secretaries are of ukwa la Ngwa descent...? Keeping it honest. To be continued. ....


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