The Deficiencies of the Hurriedly Cooked Abia KPMG Report: Exposing the Worthlessness of the Document | #NwokeukwuMascot


Worthless Document: Abia KPMG Report, It's Inadmissibity and Limitations by Oracle | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Recall, Mr. Otti some weeks ago in faraway USA made some startling revelations about N10billion that was paid to an unnamed contractor for Abia Airport according to a forensic audit report. 

Consequently, Mr. Otti and his government was challenged to publish the so-called forensic audit report which till date it refused and failed to publish. But, as expected of a government that loves to play hide and seek and twisting of facts; they always rely on gossip bloggers to pass serious information.

Use of faceless bloggers to communicate important information to the world is a new notoriety, which has taken governance to all time low in Abia State.

Mr. Otti is well aware that the so-called forensic audit report, his government couldn't release is TECHNICALLY WORTHLESS. Even the auditors KPMG was quick to point out that the report was almost a mere hearsay as they relied on incomplete documents and didn't have authorised personnel to properly explain certain documents they relied upon for their report.

Thus, the inconclusive report cannot be said to be FORENSIC as there was no technology deployed in auditing a totally manual-office file system of Abia Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Parastatals. More damaging to the report is the fact that not even a single auditee or those who played active official roles from the audit period 2015 to 2023 were ever invited to give explanation to documents.

Truth is; without proper explanation, the auditors operated in complete BLIND.

Again, it is an incontrovertible FACT that Mr. Otti's government sacked all the experienced official custodians of documents and information during the period in review.

KPMG was in complete DARK and operated in BLIND without valuable inputs from the Permanent secretaries and Senior Directors who served during the audit period. The sacked Permanent Secretaries and Senior Directors were the engine room of all state government's establishments. 

However, KPMG was honest enough in its executive summary to disclose that the report was  constrained by unavailability of documents and proper personnel that could give life and explanation to most documents they worked with. This admission has Invariably rendered the entire report as HAPHAZARD and WORTHLESS. 

A close perusal of the Executive summary, particularly on pages 28 to 34, confirmed that the only KEY issue raised therein was the same twisted N10billion Abia Airport  which has been thoroughly handled. Ferotex Construction Company Ltd, the company at the center of the controversy has been invited by EFCC last week and he provided convincing evidence to the security agency that Ferotex as Abia state Government's obligor, MONITORED  SUPERVISED and upon conviction based on Contract Award job description PAID all  contractors. 

Today, discerning Abians are aware that their Government lied as usual on this matter as list of contractors paid the N10billion for other infrastructural projects has been made public. 

Therefore; the onus is on the present government to investigate if these jobs were actually done instead of the blackmail and propaganda approach. 

Again, I wish to unequivocally State that EFCC has interviewed the key people and are comfortable with their explanations on this issue. 

CONVERSELY, the major breakthrough in this is the credit balance of N3.4billion reported by KPMG as the total credit balance in all the state government's account as at June, 2023, when Mr  Otti took over as Governor. Recall, Mr. Otti kept lying to Abians that he met an empty treasury; this report has confirmed them a government of lies.

CONCLUSIVELY; Abia state under Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu left a whopping N3.4billion not an empty treasury as Mr. Otti had claimed in his unsuccessful witch-hunt against his predecessor.

The KPMG account balance report has confirmed the earlier story on how ganishee orders were used to clamp down on funds meant for salaries few days before the hand over date. 

The report is currently being studied and I will revert with further revelations. Keeping it honest...


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