Track Care Global Addresses KPMG Report Controversy, Affirms Completion of All Abia State Government Contracts | #NwokeukwuMascot


 Photo: Azikiwe Road Aba, Constructed by Track Care Global. 

Abia State, Nigeria – Track Care Global Construction Company has addressed the controversy sparked by the release of a KPMG process report, initially presented as an audit report by Abia State Governor Dr. Alex Chioma Otti.

In a statement issued on Monday and signed by the management, Track Care Global clarified the details surrounding the financial process review conducted by KPMG for the state government. The company emphasized that the amounts listed in the report pertain to contracts awarded between 2015 and 2023, not the payments they received. Many of these awarded projects, they noted, have not yet been funded by the state government.

"Track Care Global has completed all contracts that were funded by the Abia State Government," the statement read. The company sought to differentiate between the awarded contracts and the payments disbursed, explaining that payments are typically released in multiple tranches. Consequently, several contracts mentioned in the report, such as Ururuka Phase 2, have not been mobilized or funded.

The full statement from Track Care Global reads: "After the publication of the KPMG reports, we have deemed it imperative to further enlighten the citizens of Abia State about the various processes of contract jobs. There is a difference between contracts awarded and the amount paid. Payments are released in multiple tranches; therefore, some of the contracts mentioned are yet to be mobilized or funded, e.g., Ururuka Phase 2. All the contracts that were mobilized have been completed."

The company also highlighted that KPMG stated the figures are yet to be verified. "It is important to set the record straight in order to avoid further defamatory information against a reputable organization. We appreciate all efforts by the government in putting the records straight."

Photos of Azikiwe Road, constructed by Track Care, Click here to watch video of the road in 2022

This clarification aims to ensure transparency and prevent the spread of misinformation regarding the financial dealings and project completions by Track Care Global in Abia State.


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