Abia State Govt Official Vehicles Frequent Breakdown: A Boon for Tow Van Operators Amid Assembly Members' Frustrations (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


Frequent Breakdowns of Abia State Government Vehicles Boost Tow Van Business, and the unheard cries Abia Assembly Members | #NwokeukwuMascot

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In a surprising turn of events, the official vehicles issued to high-profile appointees of the Abia State Government, led by Dr. Alex Otti, have been frequently breaking down. 

These reportedly brand-new Innoson vehicles, meant for the state's leadership—including commissioners, the Chief of Staff and deputy, senior special advisers, and leaders of the Abia House of Assembly (Except for the majority leader, Hon. Uchenna Okoro, who reportedly told the Governor that he would not accept any official vehicle until one was provided for all 24 house members)—have been facing mechanical issues that have led to significant operational delays.

The frequent breakdowns of these vehicles have not only caused embarrassment but have also hampered the effective relay of government activities.

However, this situation has inadvertently benefited tow van operators in the state. One government driver, who pleaded anonymity, revealed to our correspondent that they have had to rely on tow van services three to four times a week. The driver also mentioned that tow drivers frequently check in to see if there are any jobs available, indicating a steady stream of business stemming from these vehicle failures.

While tow van operators may be experiencing a windfall, members of the Abia State House of Assembly are facing their own set of challenges. Reports indicate that the Assembly is the only one in Nigeria yet to receive official vehicles from the state government. This has left many legislators grappling with unreliable transportation.

Two legislators from Abia South and North respectively have been unable to repair their broken-down vehicles(Engine faults) as of the time of this report. Another legislator from Abia Central is facing similar issues, compounded by the state's prevailing insecurity. 

This is particularly concerning given that the governor's quarterly report indicates that 1.5 billion Naira has been spent on purchasing vehicles for the governor's personal use.

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The situation raises questions about the allocation of resources and the prioritization of needs within the state government. While tow van operators may be seeing an unexpected boost in their business, the operational inefficiencies and frustrations faced by government officials and Assembly members highlight a significant issue that requires immediate attention.

As the state government navigates these challenges, it remains to be seen how they will address the vehicle reliability issues and support their officials in effectively performing their duties. The cries of the Abia House of Assembly members for functional transportation must be heard and addressed to ensure the smooth functioning of government operations.


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