Video: At Least 25 Killed in Multiple Crashes at Nigerian Army Checkpoint in Enugu | #NwokeukwuMascot


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In a tragic incident, at least 25 people have reportedly lost their lives at Ugwu Onyeama, Enugu State, along the Enugu-Onitsha federal highway. The accident, involving ten vehicles including both private cars and commercial buses, occurred near a Nigerian Army checkpoint.

The catastrophe unfolded when a truck, descending a hilly section of the newly constructed lane, experienced brake failure. The out-of-control vehicle barreled into a line of stationary vehicles, causing a devastating chain reaction. Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing scene, describing how the truck smashed into more than ten vehicles, leading to the high fatality rate.

"The truck's brakes failed as it approached the army checkpoint, resulting in the collision with numerous vehicles. It's heart-wrenching to see such loss of life," one eyewitness said.

Emergency services are currently on the scene, with many injured individuals being rushed to hospitals in and around the Enugu state capital. The exact number of injured is still being determined, but initial reports indicate that the severity of the injuries varies widely.

A video of the aftermath, shared by newsmen, shows the extent of the destruction. Bodies of the victims were seen scattered across the road, with several vehicles, including a petrol tanker, plunged into a nearby ditch. Many of the cars involved were smashed beyond recognition, underscoring the violent nature of the crash.

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Local residents and commuters have raised concerns over the location of the army checkpoint, which has been the site of previous incidents. "The checkpoint at this hilly section continues to be a hazard. Something needs to be done to prevent further tragedies," another eyewitness stated.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, focusing on the factors that led to the brake failure and the positioning of the checkpoint. This tragic event highlights ongoing safety concerns on Nigerian highways, particularly around checkpoints and high-traffic areas.

More updates will follow as the situation develops.


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