Don’t throw away those eggshells! Here’s why you should keep them | #NwokeukwuMascot


Unlock the Hidden Power of Eggshells: Transform Your Garden and Home with This Overlooked Resource | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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If you're like most people, you probably toss eggshells without a second thought. But did you know these humble shells can revolutionize your gardening and home practices? Here's why you should keep every eggshell from now on.

1.) Natural Pest Deterrent:

Tired of slugs, worms, and snails ravaging your garden? Crushed eggshells are your eco-friendly solution. Sprinkling them around your plants creates a barrier that pests detest, safeguarding your blooms and veggies without harmful chemicals. These sharp-edged fragments irritate the soft bodies of pests, effectively keeping them at bay.

2.) Deer Repellent:

Living near the woods means dealing with deer that can wreak havoc on your garden. Eggshells work here too! Deer are deterred by the scent and texture of eggshells. Scatter them around your garden to protect your precious plants from these gentle but destructive visitors.

3.) Bird Attractant:

While eggshells repel some pests, they attract beneficial birds. Birds love eggshells and will flock to your garden for this tasty treat. Not only will their songs and colors enhance your outdoor space, but they'll also help control insect populations naturally.

4.) Soil Health Booster:

Transform your soil with eggshell fertilizer. Rich in calcium carbonate, eggshells reduce soil acidity, making it more alkaline. This benefits plants that thrive in less acidic environments, improving their nutrient absorption and overall health. Simply crush the shells and mix them into your soil or create a liquid solution for watering.

5.) Prevent Blossom End Rot:

Plants like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers can suffer from blossom end rot, a condition caused by calcium deficiency. Crushed eggshells add essential calcium to the soil, helping prevent this issue and keeping your vegetables vibrant and healthy.

6.) Raise pH for Potted Plants:

Potted plants often need a different soil pH than garden plants. Eggshells can help raise the pH in pots, creating a more suitable environment for your plants. Collect and crush enough shells, mix them into your potting soil, and watch your potted plants thrive.

 7.) Composting Made Easy:

Eggshells are a fantastic addition to your compost pile. They decompose slowly, gradually releasing nutrients and minerals into the compost. To speed up this process, wash the shells thoroughly to remove any raw egg residue and crush them into small pieces. This ensures they break down faster and contribute more effectively to your compost.

Next time you enjoy a delicious egg breakfast, think twice before discarding the shells. From pest control to soil enhancement, eggshells offer a myriad of benefits for your garden and home. Embrace this sustainable practice and discover the hidden potential of what you once considered waste. Start saving those shells today and witness the transformation in your gardening and plant care routines!


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