Enugu Community Dedicates Hospital to Deities Amid Rampant Burglaries, Vandalism; Exposes Failures in Police Security | #NwokeukwuMascot


Enugu Community Seeks Divine Intervention, Dedicates New Hospital to Deities Amid Concerns Over Burglaries, Vandalism | #NwokeukwuMascot

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The Ogurute Uno community in Enugu State's Igbo-Eze North no Local Government Area has taken the unusual step of dedicating a newly constructed general hospital to local deities for protection and security. This decision follows a spate of burglaries and vandalism at the hospital, resulting in the loss of valuable equipment worth millions of naira, including an ambulance, children's beds, solar panels, and TV sets.

In a viral video, a community leader expressed profound frustration and disappointment, highlighting that unknown individuals have been sabotaging the hospital by stealing its equipment. The leader stated, “The people here today are people of Ogurute Uno community. This is Ogurute Uno General Hospital built for us by the government. The government provided us with equipment to care for the sick in our villages and fully equipped this hospital for the benefit of our people."

He continued, “But thieves have stolen the equipment such as air-conditioners, solar batteries, solar panels, an ambulance bus, TV sets, wheelchairs, stretchers, ceiling fans, and children’s beds. The fact that these items were provided not too long ago makes the situation more troubling."

The decision to dedicate the hospital to the deities was driven by the community's desperation to protect their vital resources in the face of persistent theft and vandalism.

The leader elaborated, “This is the main reason we have come together and agreed to hand over this General Hospital to the deities here. Yes, it may look as if we’re going too far, but we have suffered from the wickedness of man. We want to put a stop to it.”

He further warned those responsible for the thefts, stating, “Any man or woman who is not happy about this hospital and has a hand in the missing items, let the deities take care of them.” Despite their frustration, the community expressed a willingness to forgive the perpetrators if they return the stolen items promptly, cautioning that otherwise, they would leave the matter to the deities' judgment.

This situation underscores significant failures in the local security architecture, particularly the police. The repeated thefts and vandalism at such an essential facility highlight a breakdown in effective policing and protection for community assets.

The Ogurute Uno community's appeal to spiritual forces underscores their desperation and the critical need for improved security measures to safeguard public infrastructure and resources.


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