Freaky Friday: 10 Guidelines for Healthy and Respectful Dating Practices | #NwokeukwuMascot


…10 RULES OF SEX DURING DATING | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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1.) Avoid Immediate Intimacy:

Resist the urge to sleep with a partner on the first date. Take time to build a connection and establish mutual respect.

For men: Don't sleep with a woman on the first day of seeing her naked body. Create an emergency and stop. 

2.) Maintain Boundaries:

It’s advisable not to sleep over at a partner's place too early in the relationship. Keeping some personal space can help maintain a sense of independence and respect.

For men: Don't sleep in a woman's house, whether it is your first night with her or the second or the last. Sleeping in her house is losing your power and control.

3.) Always Use Protection:

Use condoms consistently until both partners are ready for a committed, monogamous relationship. This is crucial for preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. 

4.) Daytime Intimacy:

Consider having your first intimate encounter during the day. This can help you both feel more comfortable and aware of each other’s well-being.

5.) Respectful Communication:

Communicate openly about your comfort levels and boundaries. Disrespectful or vulgar language should be a red flag for both parties.

6.) Private Conversations: 

Keep your intimate conversations and images private. Avoid sharing explicit content via text or social media to protect your privacy and integrity. I reapeat, No sex messages on WhatsApp or text. No nudes. Your inbox should always be as clean as a whistle.

7. Health Screenings: 

Get tested for STIs together early in the relationship. Regular health check-ups are essential, but remember that no test can guarantee absolute safety without consistent protective measures.

8. Medication Awareness:

Be open about any medications either of you are taking. This transparency is vital for mutual health and safety - Find out if she is on any medication. Don't be a fool. Ask. Research. 

9.) Vaginal Health: 

Pay attention to any signs of infection or health issues. If you notice anything unusual( If there is malodorous discharge on the condom, reprimand her. If there are traces of blood on the condom sheath) address it respectfully and encourage your partner to seek medical advice, If she differs, Don't be in a relationship with a woman who does not take care of her vaginal health.

10. Understand Menstrual Cycles: 

Being aware of your partner’s menstrual cycle can help in understanding their body better and avoiding potential misunderstandings or accidents - This will save you from being a slave of the state.

Bonus Tip!!

Take care of your penis. This is your manhood. Don't sleep with anything in a skirt. Prioritize your own health and well-being. Make responsible choices about your sexual partners and ensure your actions align with your values and long-term health goals.

These guidelines are meant to promote a healthy, respectful, and safe approach to sex and relationships. Communication and mutual respect are key to any successful and fulfilling relationship.


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