House of Reps Advocate for Six-Year Single Tenure for Nigerian President, Governors | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Lawmakers Propose Six-Year Single Tenure for Nigerian President, Governors | #NwokeukwuMascot 

PHOTO: Members of the House of Representatives during plenary 

  Abuja, Nigeria  –  A group of lawmakers in Nigeria's House of Representatives is pushing for significant amendments to the 1999 Constitution. Their proposals aim to introduce a single six-year term for the President and Governors and ensure the rotation of the presidency among the country's six geopolitical zones.

The initiative, spearheaded by Representative Ikenga Ugochinyere of the People's Democratic Party (PDP-Mo), was announced at a press conference held at the National Assembly in Abuja on Monday, June 10.

Rep. Ugochinyere highlighted the primary objectives of these proposed constitutional changes. He emphasized that a single six-year term for the President and Governors could lead to substantial reductions in government expenditure and wastage, enhance governance efficiency, and contribute to national stability.

"We believe that by limiting the tenure of these offices to a single term, we can streamline administrative costs and focus on long-term planning and development," Ugochinyere stated. 

In addition to the tenure change, the lawmakers are advocating for the creation of two Vice President positions, representing the southern and northern regions of Nigeria. According to the proposal:

- The 1st Vice President would be designated as the Succession Vice President.

- The 2nd Vice President would oversee economic affairs and serve as a Minister in charge of the economy.

The bill also proposes amendments to the Electoral Act to synchronize all federal and state elections, ensuring they are conducted on the same day. Furthermore, it aims to expedite the resolution of election-related litigation, mandating that all such cases be concluded within six months.

Hon Ikenga Ugochinyere

Rep. Ugochinyere expressed the lawmakers' dedication to fostering a united, stable, and prosperous Nigeria. "Ours is a commitment to building a united, stable, and prosperous nation. Nigeria can and must become a great and modern nation," he affirmed.

The proposed amendments will undergo a rigorous legislative process, including debates, committee reviews, and potential modifications before they can be enacted. If successful, these changes could reshape Nigeria's political landscape, aiming for a more efficient and equitable governance structure.

The initiative reflects a growing sentiment among Nigerian lawmakers to reform the country's political system, reduce administrative costs, and enhance national stability through thoughtful and strategic constitutional amendments.


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