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An indigene of Okpuala in Ngor-Okpuala, Imo State, serving in the Nigerian Army has shot himself in front of the 144 Battalion’s Forward Operation Base (FOB) gate.

Identified as Vitalis, a senior non-commissioned soldier Command Sergeant Major (CSM), he reportedly shot himself without leaving a suicide note.

Before his death, he served with the 14 Brigade Headquarters, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Barrack, Ohafia, Ohafia local government area of Abia State.

According to security sources who spoke to The Nation, a thorough and discreet investigation is necessary to determine the circumstances surrounding the soldier's suicide.

Speculation or premature conclusions could compromise the investigation's outcome, which is being led by the army's leadership in the state.

Photo of the deceased soldier

Notably, there were no reported incidents of domestic violence or disciplinary actions against the soldier prior to his death, suggesting that the motives behind his actions may be complex and require a thorough inquiry.

The tragedy struck the military camp when the soldier, reportedly just months away from retirement in October, committed suicide after mysteriously disappearing without communication for two weeks.

The sudden reemergence of the soldier, who apparently returned to the camp and then took his own life, shocked his colleagues and left many wondering what could have driven him to such despair.

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