Kazie Uko: How Leaked 'Emela Gi Adopt' Video Allegedly Costs Abia CPS His Job (file attached) | #NwokeukwuMascot


How Woman, Whiskey Reportedly Caused the Downfall of Alex Otti's Chief Press Secretary by Jude Chijioke Ndukwe | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Every leader focused on attacking their predecessors instead of focusing on governance must do so from a standpoint of infallibility. This is necessary so as to avoid a backlash that can not only be unprecedented but also capable of dulling the shine of such an attacking leader against his victims. Such a leader therefore becomes prickly at any little thing he feels will present him before the public as susceptible to human weakness.

Should any of his weaknesses come to public knowledge, deliberately or otherwise, they feel gutted and a sense of loss of right to keep attacking their targets. The predictable consequence is that heads must roll to pacify themselves and hire someone else they feel can protect their indulgences from public scrutiny. It does not matter to such leaders if those to be sacked for not adequately protecting their indulgences at any particular moment are among those that have stayed with them through thick and thin over the years and moulded them into the dictator that they have become; everyone and anyone can be a victim. 

That is the case of the just sacked Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Abia State, Kazie Uko.

Recall that on April 19, Governor Alex Otti had gone to deliver a lecture titled "State Governance and Economic Transition: Meeting the Challenges" at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Washington DC, USA. It was during the lecture that Otti infamously made that announcement that a certain N10bn of Abia’s money purportedly spent on a non-existent airport by the last administration in Abia State was missing, an announcement that has since turned out to be false.

Otti enjoyed the initial euphoria that greeted that announcement back home. He relished the fact that he had once again, and as usual, tickled the fancy of his gullible supporters with another falsehood. But his joy was cut short the next day when a video of him and his associates were filling themselves up with expensive whiskey amidst the company of a woman who threw caution to the wind as she threw herself on Governor Alex Otti, romantically reclining her full frame on his body while announcing in mixed Igbo and English with glee and excitement that the Governor had 'adopted' her, made it to the public.

This is where I suspect Kazie Uko's sack was decided but Otti was only waiting for an appropriate time to execute it so as not to be linked with that unholy night of whiskey and 'adoption'. 

Otti must have felt that Uko, as his image maker, should have prevented the embarrassing images from making it to the public and should also have protected him from the widespread ridicule that followed. He expected Uko to fight dirty against those mocking him with the video, but Uko seemed to have other ideas.

If Otti could fire Uko, then he should consider doing something worse to himself because he was the one who indulged in such a skulduggery in the first place that set off the chain reactions that followed. If there is no fire, there won't be any smoke.

Watch the controversial video below 👇🏽 

In the end, the consequences of Otti’s misadventure at the Johns Hopkins University which he set out to embarrass his immediate predecessor has returned to bite him and his now former CPS who helped create the ravenous dictator that Otti has become today! 

In helping to create and nurture a dictator, Kazie Uko must have been shocked to experience firsthand how wild and despotic such creations can be, consuming both friends and foes both at will and at ravenous proportions!


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