Photos: Labour Party Federal Representative Faces Backlash for Empowering Constituents with Cassava Stems in Abia | #NwokeukwuMascot


One Year In Office: Labour Party Representative Criticized Over Cassava Stem Empowerment Program | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, the Labour Party representative for the Isialangwa North and South federal constituency, has faced criticism for his recent initiative to empower constituents by distributing cassava stems. This move has sparked debate among both constituents and observers.

Onwusibe announced the initiative on his verified Facebook page to celebrate his one-year anniversary in office. The announcement highlighted a comprehensive agribusiness training program scheduled to run from Democracy Day, June 12, to June 17, 2024. The program promises the free distribution of improved seedlings and fertilizers to 2,000 farmers in the constituency.

While some praise the initiative as a meaningful step towards agricultural development and self-sufficiency, others argue that the distribution of cassava stems falls short of addressing the more pressing needs of the indigent population.

Critics suggest that broader measures, including infrastructure development and enhanced access to essential services, would more effectively uplift the community.

Mr. Eke O. Ako, a good governance advocate and constituent of the federal constituency, expressed his disappointment in a widely noted post titled "WON'T CELEBRATE THE MEDIOCRITY OF CASSAVA REPRESENTATION." He criticized the development, stating that celebrating one year in office by distributing cassava stems to the people is mediocre.

His words; “Dear Hon Ginger O. Onwusibe, After 1 year as a House of Rep Member,  you come to share 2 stems of Cassava to our people in 2024, and you expect me to clap for such.  You are training our people on planting Cassava that we have planted for thousands of years.

“Yet, you won't tell the people the truth about the project. You have no bill to your name, you have no federal project you attracted, yet you continue to manipulate our poor people, while you give yours the best.

“How would you feel if your own wife or kids are gathered for such charade, to give them Cassava stems? You give your family the best life, yet subject our people to primitive abuse!

“You were pictured recently in the USA, UK and Hungary, yet you came back to Isiala-Ngwa to mock our people and celebrate Cassava representation. You even put this on social media. I thought yesterday was a mistake, yet you did it again today.

“Enough of capitalising on the naivety and poverty of our people. Abia politicians have no conscience. I don't care about threats and blackmail.  I will challenge the  abuse of our people. It is appointed unto man, once to die and judgement follows.” He ended.

Another constituent, identified simply as Ihuoma Ekele Gaius, sarcastically celebrated the development on his social mediapage, congratulating the constituency and noting that the constituency allowance was well received. 

"Congratulations, ndị Isiala Ngwa North/South Federal Constituency. Constituency allowance well received. It's like one cassava stem will produce one full bag of cassava. bụ ịgbọrọ Abuja," Ekele stated.

Notably, Mr Nkasiobi Chuks, in a seemingly controversial social media post, thanked the House of Representatives member for the cassava stem empowerment.

"The Honorable member representing the good people of Isialangwa North and South at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, empowers Ndi Isialangwa with Oshishi igboro (cassava stem). God bless him," Nkasiobi wrote.

Dom Nik commented on the development, stating that Ginger's empowerment initiative amounts to dividing one cassava stem into five parts.

“Ginger's empowerment, One stem of cassava divided into 5 equal parts! Biko, jisike.” He said.

The debate underscores the broader challenge faced by elected officials in balancing immediate, tangible support with long-term, sustainable development. As the program unfolds, its impact on the local agrarian community and the political fortunes of Hon. Onwusibe will be closely watched.


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