Lagavulin Unveils Two Exclusive Whiskeys for Fèis Ìle 2024: Skies of Fèis Ìle 29-Year-Old and Fèis Ìle 2024 10-Year-Old | #NwokeukwuMascot

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Celebrated by whisky connoisseurs, Lagavulin has announced the release of two limited-edition bottlings in honor of Islay’s renowned annual festival, Fèis Ìle. This year, the distillery will introduce the Lagavulin Skies of Fèis Ìle 29-Year-Old and the Lagavulin Fèis Ìle 2024 10-Year-Old.

Lagavulin, a prestigious name among Islay Scotch whisky distilleries and a cherished brand in Diageo’s portfolio, is acclaimed for its smoky character and rich flavors. These new releases are a tribute to the essence of the small island off Scotland’s west coast, renowned for its whisky heritage. The decision to launch these special editions aligns perfectly with the spirit of Fèis Ìle, celebrating the unique culture and history of Islay.

 Lagavulin Skies of Fèis Ìle 29-Year-Old:

The Lagavulin Skies of Fèis Ìle 29-Year-Old is poised to attract aficionados of high-end single malts. Drawing inspiration from the aurora borealis, occasionally visible in Islay’s skies, this whisky was finished in heavily charred amoroso-seasoned American oak hogshead casks.

Whisky expert and author Charles MacLean praised the 29-Year-Old, stating, “This is a hugely satisfying and complex whisky and a superb example of Lagavulin, whose distillery character still shines through its considerable age and unique finishing.”

Only 250 bottles of this exclusive Scotch will be released, each hand-filled and signed by Distillery Manager Jordan Paisley. Priced at $2,720, this rare offering is expected to be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Lagavulin Fèis Ìle 2024 10-Year-Old:

In addition to the 29-Year-Old, Lagavulin will release the Fèis Ìle 2024 10-Year-Old, crafted for those who relish peaty whiskies. The distillery team utilized malt with higher peating levels, maturing the whisky in a combination of refill, heavily charred, and first-fill ex-bourbon American oak hogsheads.

This 10-Year-Old Scotch delivers savory maritime notes of iodine and dry seaweed, complemented by the signature smokiness of Lagavulin. Bottled at 56.7 percent ABV, only 1,800 bottles will be available, priced at $190, and can be purchased directly from the distillery.

Paisley remarked on the dual releases, saying, “This year we’re releasing two very different expressions, but with a very similar inspiration: the way special moments, like Fèis Ìle or the Northern Lights on Islay, are capable of bringing people together. Just like Lagavulin has been uniting fans all over the world through its unique whisky, it is a very special moment for us.”

These exclusive bottlings underscore Lagavulin’s commitment to celebrating Islay’s heritage and the unique moments that bring whisky lovers together.


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