New Revelations in the Case of Missing Girls Celine and Afiba following circumstances following suspect’s death (Video) | #NwokeukwuMascot


Celine and Afiba: Police Accused of Misconduct in Handling Key Witness Andrew Amaechi | #NwokeukwuMascot

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In a disturbing turn of events, new details have emerged about the handling of Andrew Amechi, a key figure in the investigation of the missing girls, Celine and Afiba. The journey of Andrew Amechi from Aba to Abuja, a trip that should typically take 8 to 10 hours, inexplicably stretched over four days, raising serious questions about police conduct.

According to Ben, a close friend of Andrew Amechi, what should have been a straightforward transfer turned into what he described as a "road vacation" orchestrated by the police. Ben recounted how Andrew, who was driving himself and had access to his phone, was forced to make multiple unnecessary stops. The entourage first halted in Uyo, where Andrew was compelled to cover the costs of the police officers' hotel accommodations and other expenses.

The journey did not end there. The convoy then proceeded to Benue, ostensibly so one of the officers could visit his wife. Again, Andrew footed the bill for their stay in another hotel. Throughout this period, Andrew remained in contact with Ben, sharing his ordeal.

Ben revealed that during this extended trip, Andrew was extorted by the police to the tune of over N3 million. The pressure and harassment became so severe that Andrew began expressing suicidal thoughts to Ben. Disturbingly, these threats came just a day before official reports claimed that Andrew had been killed while attempting to escape from police custody in Benue.

Further compounding the controversy, it has been alleged that Andrew possessed a licensed gun, which was purportedly backdated and issued by the police. Throughout the journey, Andrew reportedly had access to this firearm and was accompanied by police in a white bus. Activist Harrison Gwamnishu, who has been closely following the case confirmed that Andrew's body has been identified in the morgue, conclusively establishing his death 

Video: Live conversation with Mr Ben, Andrew’s friend where he made shocking revelations.

The mishandling of Andrew Amechi has cast a dark shadow over the police's efforts to find the missing girls. Despite having Andrew in their custody for two weeks, the police appeared more focused on extorting money from him than on conducting a meaningful investigation into the whereabouts of Celine and Afiba, who vanished after visiting Andrew's residence in Aba.

Video: Andrew’s Residence at No 48 StallionStreet, Ogborhill Axis of Aba and suspected body of one of the missing girls.

This case has sparked outrage and demands for accountability. There is a growing call for the public to raise their voices in support of the families of Celine and Afiba, urging authorities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation. The truth about what happened to these girls, and the circumstances surrounding Andrew Amechi's death, must be uncovered to ensure justice is served.

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