#OrientalDerby: Video Emerges of Controversial Penalty Decision in Rangers vs Enyimba Match | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Cathedral Stadium, Enugu state — A video has surfaced showing the incident that led to the contentious penalty awarded by the central referee during the match between Enugu Rangers and Enyimba FC. The footage, now circulating widely, has intensified the debate over the referee's decision, which granted Enugu Rangers a critical late-minute lead and sparked significant controversy 

Earlier, we reported with video footage how the Oriental Derby was halted due to Enyimba FC fans protesting a last-minute penalty awarded to Enugu Rangers.

The video captures the moments leading up to the penalty, showing a disputed foul within the penalty box. Enyimba FC fans and players argue that the contact was minimal and did not warrant a penalty, while Enugu Rangers supporters maintain that the referee made the correct call.

….Watch video below 👇🏽 

The release of this video adds a new dimension to the ongoing controversy, with many calling for a thorough review of the referee's decisions throughout the match. The incident, already seen as a potential example of corruption and bias in Nigerian football, now has visual evidence prompting further scrutiny and demands for accountability.

As the investigation continues, the football community remains divided, with the match's outcome still unresolved pending official review. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops.


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