Paul Pogba Declares: "I Don't Exist Anymore, I'm Dead and Over" | #NwokeukwuMascot


 Paul Pogba 

In a striking and emotional statement, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has declared himself "dead and non-existent." The French football star made this alarming claim in the midst of his ongoing doping ban, reflecting on the harsh realities of life in professional football.

Pogba, known for his dynamic presence on the pitch and his substantial contributions to both club and country, expressed a sense of erasure from the public consciousness. "Football is very beautiful but it’s cruel," he said. "You can do something great and the next day you’re nobody."

The World Cup winner's poignant words highlight the fleeting nature of fame and success in sports. "I’m over, I’m dead. Paul Pogba doesn’t exist anymore," he lamented, underscoring the emotional toll of his current predicament.

Pogba’s situation has cast a spotlight on the pressures and volatility faced by professional athletes, whose careers can be abruptly impacted by injuries, bans, and other setbacks. As he navigates this challenging period, Pogba’s candid reflections resonate with many who understand the intense scrutiny and expectations placed on footballers at the highest level.


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