Rising Insecurity in Abia: Why Governor Otti Must Move Beyond Rhetoric to Real Solutions | #NwokeukwuMascot


Insecurity In Abia And Why Governor Otti Must Stop Playing To The Gallery By Uche Aguoru | #NwokeukwuMascot

Photo: Abia State Governor, Dr Alex Chioma Otti

Abia state is facing a severe security crisis, with the recent killings of law enforcement officers highlighting the urgent need for Governor Otti to adopt effective strategies beyond mere public statements.

On the 30th of May 2024, Abians received with shock the news of the attack and killing of Sgt Charles Ugochukwu, Sgt Bala Abraham, Cpl Gideon Egwe, Cpl. Augustine Emmanuel, and Cpl. Ikpeama Ikechukwu, at Obikabia junction "May Their Souls Rest In Peace", while the attack received wide condemnation from all well-meaning and peace-loving Abians,  it calls to memory other similar incidents that have happened across the state within the period, On May 18, 2024, recall that two soldiers attached to the 14 Brigade, Ohafia, Abia State, were killed by yet-to-be-identified gunmen at their outpost around the Aba main park, within the same period in review a military outpost at Ngwa road by No.1 Port Harcourt road, Aba, was attacked by yet to be identified gunmen but luckily no life was lost.

On the 25th of July 2023, a police Inspector and a Constable were killed by gunmen who attacked the convoy of the Commissioner for Trade, Commerce, and Investment, amidst several other such incidents that did not make news have been the order of the day across different communities in Abia. 

Crimes such as Stealing of Children, kidnapping, armed robbery, Unknown gunmen, Snatching of Vehicles, burglary, and destruction of innocent lives and properties are now part of our daily news menu

Insecurity is on the rise, Abians now sleep with their two eyes wide open, and the situation is scary and getting scarier by the day, the once peaceful Abia is today a theater of war where law enforcement officers are hacked down in their numbers in cold blood. 

Security of lives and property is the first and most important social contract between a people and their government, that is why governments globally are expected to place a high premium on security.

Criminals are having a field day in Abia, crime and criminality have become a common sight and an everyday rhythm in the ears of the residents of the once peaceful and secure state while the citizens now live in perpetual fear and uncertainty.

Security is the first and the most important contract the people enter with their leaders, the killing of police and military personnel sends wrong signals into the minds of the people.

After the neutralization of the Osisikankwu gang by then Governor T.A Orji, Abians have never been so dangerously threatened. 

Under the Ikpeazu administration, when our neighbouring states of Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu were held hostage by insecurity, Abia was very safe and won accolades as one of the safest states in the southeast and South-south regions of the nation, when other southeast states cannot open offices, schools and businesses on Mondays, Abians were schooling and going about their normal businesses.

I am nonplussed how Abia, a state that once enjoyed security to its near max under and the envy of its neighbours had as of today relapsed into a state of total insecurity owing to the ineptitude of the Otti-led administration. 

Making flowery speeches, Press Releases, and placing a bounty on criminals, can never achieve the expected result, rather, the government should get intentional and proactive and quit playing to the gallery. 

Truth be told, the security situation in Abia, under the watch of Governor Alex Otti, is a sad tale of a weakened security system, and any administration that fails in the provision of security is already a failed government.

The security Abia achieved under Ikpeazu was through careful planning, research, strategic investment, and the application of both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches, Ikpeazu didn't undermine the importance of the National security apparatus but never depended solely on it, his application of homegrown approach by engaging traditional rulers, local/community vigilante, hunters union, etc. produced the desired result.

Beyond the usual political denials and propaganda that the Otti administration has been known for, every Abian can testify to the results and success of the security template, approach, and strategy the Ikpeazu administration applied in tackling insecurity in the state

My honest expectation is that Governor Otti should drop pride and bitterness and call for the template the Ikpeazu administration used that gave us the formidable security Abians were enjoying before the coming of his administration. #Otti Bring Back Our Security.

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