The Scapegoating of Ngozi Okoronkwo: A Smokescreen for Deep-Seated Corruption in Abia? #NwokeukwuMascot


…Was Okoronkwo Sacrificed For Corruption? Probably Not! By Eke O Ako | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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A crafty government well versed in the act of propaganda, which has spent over N1.5bn on propaganda in 9 months, which has refused to improve workers salaries, has done nothing to create jobs, support businesses, improve the standard of living of Abians, improve the education sector, health sector,  energy  security, food security, care for the vulnerable, etc. while boldly writing away tens of billions of public funds through non-existent projects, appears to have played on the minds of Abians again.

Okoronkwo's Ministry of Health spent only N2.9bn on capital projects in 9 months. The only money probably missing completely  is the N1.07bn spent on the construction of a non-existent hospital complex, but at least she repainted ABSUTH Main Building, did minor maintenance there and repainted Abia Diagnostic Specialist Hospital, and bought a few new machines. She took N875m for the two repainting projects and few machines she bought. I don't believe she paid N1.07bn on a non-existent project without the governor's knowledge. 

Her counterpart in the Ministry of Education spent N8.5bn on capital projects of which N4.57bn was spent on non-existent public schools between July 2023 and March 2024. N8.5bn was outrightly taken from Abia's accounts without one classroom block built or rebuilt.

What about the Commissioner for Public Utilities who spent N771m in  9 months on water supply without one house connected to the state's water grid?  What of the Commissioner for Agriculture who spent N646m on Food Security in 9 months without 1 seedling or 2 Cassava stems or 2 cups of fertiliser or one palm fruit  (like one Honourable Member gave to his party members) given to farmers in Abia? What about the Commissioner for Budget who conducted a non-existent research in 9 months for over N3bn?

What about Nju Onyemenan and Mike Akpara,  who approved  N50bn borrowing for Late Wigwe on our behalf without any contract or work completion conditions attached to our repayment of the funds?

Yet Ngozi Okoronkwo was sacked, while her counterparts  still have their jobs. What about the Commissioner of Information who spent N538m on BCA in 9 months without a project completed or Kazie Uko , who spent N639m on publicity and advertisement in the governor's office in 9 months?

What about Governor Otti who spends N59m per working day to run his home on our behalf and drinks tea and meals for N100m per month  and buys non-existent Boundary Pillars every quarter for hundreds of millions of Naira? What about the road expansion work at Osaa Road, through which we were fleeced N8bn?

Where are the two Hungarian firms for which our hundreds of millions were claimed since August last year? My elder brother, Distinguished Hon Ginger O. Onwusibe will get annoyed with me if I ask him where the 2 Hungarian firms which he negotiated with at Hungary have located their $1.5m factories in Abia.

Who is going to be suspended for the N6bn spent on Security in 9 months, and none of the equipment we bought with hundreds of millions were on display on May 30th?

What about the Commissioner for Works who collected N2.45bn for building non-existent ICT infrastructure,  N980m for non-existent erosion control project and N290m for construction of non existent Waterways?

Governor Otti may likely be the most corrupt governor we have seen in Abia. Watch out for my independent Appraisal of Governor Otti's 1 year in Office. It will be eye opening.

Can Governor Alex C. Otti be honest about why Ngozi Okoronkwo was sacked or suspended. Who was not happy with her at Abia Government House, Umuru Nvosi?


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