Video: President Bola Tinubu Stumbles During Democracy Day Ceremony, Quickly Recovers | #NwokeukwuMascot


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President Bola Tinubu experienced a brief stumble while boarding the parade vehicle at the 2024 Democracy Day celebration held at Eagles Square, Abuja. The incident occurred shortly after his arrival at the venue, as he was making his way to the vehicle to commence the official proceedings.

Witnesses reported that President Tinubu tripped while climbing into the parade truck. However, his security detail quickly assisted him, allowing him to regain his balance and continue with the day's activities without further incident.

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Segun Dada, the Special Assistant on Social Media to President Tinubu, confirmed the incident, emphasizing that it was a minor mishap. "Mr. President missed his step while climbing into the truck at the June 12 Democracy Day celebration and tripped. It was a mild misstep. He immediately went on with the ceremonial rounds. No issues," Dada stated.

Despite the stumble, President Tinubu proceeded with the scheduled ceremonies, underscoring his resilience and commitment to the Democracy Day celebrations. The event continued smoothly, with the President engaging in the planned activities to commemorate the significance of June 12 in Nigeria's democratic history.


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